Wednesday, February 29, 2012

goodbye Feburary

yikes... i really didn't do much blogging this month.
it's been a fun month. we've had lots of playdates after school.

lots of fun nights out with our sunday school friends. parties at school. church directory pictures. and today i wrap up my James bible study. life is good.

love this little smiley character.
the boys are growing like weeds.
my love for my dermotologist had me looking like this on monday.
on fire RED. yikes!
it's way worse today. serious chemical peel this time. i feel like a raisin, and look like one too.

i'm on my way up to school to volunteer.

come back tomorrow for an update on my mission trip to africa.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

long time no blog

i know!
i miss blogging everyday.
life gets in the way. i choose to spend my time elsewhere sometimes.

happy belated valentine's day. the boys sure had fun celebrating with their friends and classmates. adam brought home dinner for us. other than that we didn't really make a big deal. we like to call valentines the hallmark holiday.white chocolate covered double stuff oreos on a stick for their classmates. and i almost gave all 40 away without taking a decent picture of them.
i made them on sunday at my friend's while the kids played together. it's so fun to bake together. tomorrow we're making bread and shortbread cookies.

africa paperwork is 99.8% complete. deposit is paid. i've received 4 out of 7 shots. i'm excited! time to step up fundraising. if you want an africa shirt email me :)

i saw this in women's day magazine. james 1:19. oh how he convicts!

seriously unlucky... ran over a bolt. but discount tire fixed it for free. they rock!
oh my heavens. this boy is about to lose his first top front tooth. this will be tooth number 3 before he even turns 6. early achiever. irresistibly adorable.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

how sweet it is

last Friday was the 100th day of school. they celebrate that day big in kindergarten!
the boy's teachers texted me this pic. they aged a bit for the day. lots of creative ways to teach the kids just how much, how long 100 is. little guys this age are still learning to comprehend time. :)

we had a super fun date night with our sunday school class friends. watched the movie Courageous in their in home theater. good times!
more africa shirts out the door. so happy others are showing off they have a heart for africa too!

speaking of africa... tomorrow i'm going for my first series of shots.
africa is happening!!
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