Monday, December 31, 2012

more christmas 2012

we had a great holiday 
truly so blessed for it all
 home for some of it

 long long travels to be with family for some it - and we're not done yet
 it's hard and messy - celebrating  with family 500+ miles away
 i try because i love them
and miss them - well, some of them :)

we spent an afternoon with my dad
he's not been feeling the best so we didn't get to stay long
he was excited to have all three of his kids there

 we live 2 states away from each other.
it's hard to be so far away


mom @ aunt jan's
aunt alice baked dozens of cookies
linda made white chicken chili on saturday night for dinner with fritos & cheese
we drank some wine and helped wrap presents
tammy said "it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't have to wrap our own presents." ;)

 hanging with cousins
they hadn't played together in several years 
 they became fast friends
 and were LOUD playing together for 7 hours straight
cooper and corbin had FUN getting to know mason 7, morgan 4, and camilla 3.
it's fun to have so many cousins close in age to play with.
aunt alice made these adorable sweater and hat sets.

my sister and my cousin, Jared (13) it was his birthday 12-29-12

the boys got to see lots of snow in Oklahoma
it was COLD

we have one final family celebration the first weekend in january with adam's family
 we've really stretched ourselves this holiday season
 next year we are GOING SKIING!!! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

it was a holly jolly season

we've had a great few days celebrating the Christmas season

bleeker came to town from atlanta
best man in our wedding
long time friend from dallas
adam's bestie :-)
we got to meet his girlfriend, Dacia. 
the boys were smitten!
she is a sweetheart!
on saturday 
we showed them a local winery and did some wine tasting...
we had to hit Salt Lick for some famous Austin BBQ
they also have a vineyard
this bottle of tempranillo won my vote for the best wine of the day
tasted great with some finger lickin' BBQ, too! 

after our wine tasting and yummy lunch we went home for a short, but refreshing nap. That evening we had dinner reservations at Bob's in downtown Austin

adam and i split surf n turf, lobster bisque, lettuce wedge with blue cheese. YUM! seriously a day of GOOD EATS!!! Bob's never disappoints. their glazed carrots are so sweet. oh and the creamed spinach was heavenly. the boy's had jumbo fried shrimp and a loaf of bread each :) perfectly planned after dinner we walked a few blocks over and caught the shuttle to the famous Zilker Park Trail of Lights.
the walking was the perfect end to our day of great eating.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas goody giving

the boy's christmas break from school began today
i'm lucky i get to stay home with them
this little dude was a big helper in the kitchen
we baked and packaged up goodies for our neighbor friends
10 of them! 
warm banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and sausage balls galore. 
it was fun to bake together

from our dirty -in-need-of-a-paint-job front door to yours

my elves offered immediate front door delivery! :)

i didn't get to take any pictures after we started baking
prepped, baked, cooled, packaged, labeled. GONE!

we passed a field a few blocks down with new hay bales yesterday
we went back today for a photo op
i helped them climb up
then they smiled big as they slid down the side
good times

cold, WINDY, december afternoon

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

instagram catch up

i still love my instagram app 
the boys were so handsome at church on sunday
 in their ties
anxiously awaiting their turn
 to give their offering
 to the passing plate
i love this ornament 
and picture 

 the boy's first Christmas 
such little miracles

adam's been really creative with elijah the elf this year
 it's sweet cause honestly
 he is so ba hum bug most days

receiving christmas cards from friends/clients 
with pictures i took 
= the ultimate compliment
 thanks embry's
your family is gorgeous and fun!

merry and bright

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

D family {austin, dripping springs, driftwood family photographer}

i love them! truly sweet and kind folks.
we are in sunday school together. love them!
so photogenic too!

we had the best luck with the location we chose.
thanks kellye for suggesting driftwood!

probably my most favorite session to date 
fun family
 perfect setting
 lucky props
 memories captured forever
*********** love it!************

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

around here

hello... i'm still here
busy changing our daily routine just a bit
i'm back to work for the first time in 3 years
it's strange and fun and exhilarating to work again
but the morning commute is stupid

the halls are decked with some of our favorite christmas decorations. 
the tree is up
it has lights 
and it's as beautiful as ever
we love our little pre-lit artificial tree
it's good enough this year

i did get a fresh wreath for the front door
bummed all the good smelling greenery is OUTSIDE and not in
but oh well
elijah the elf made his annual appearance
we woke up with him on the kleenex box the 2nd of december
silly elf was covered up taking a nap with his eyes WIDE OPEN. 
can you believe it?
the boy's play along pretty well :)

i love that little mouse
my grandma mandy crocheted these for us when we were little
rare gem from years and years ago

we are foregoing the lights outside this year
adam's not in the mood... i don't blame him
it's a lot of work 
and brrrr it's REALLY cold out there 
cooper found elijah all wrapped up in our felt garland
that silly elf

love this little guy
he's been around for a long time too

the boys are growing and outgrowing shoes and clothes like crazy 
that's a good thing :)
just wish they would slow down the growing a bit

PTA is keeping me super busy. 
our school collected $700 worth of these little squares
i love volunteering at the boy's school
 it's the best!
  wish i could make all the other drama and nonsense go away
that comes with being on the board
dislike all the power struggling
and mud slinging

it's been a learning experience

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Field Trip {1st grade}

The boy's 1st grade class had their first field trip of the year this week.
We went on a guided tour of the state Capitol building.

our guide was ms Georgia. 
She knew her Texas history! 
And taught us a lot about the Senate, House of Representatives
 and told us about famous people who our city and counties are named after.
 It was interesting and amazing!

this is the Senate chambers. 
 They meet here to make new laws every odd year.
the seats on the 2nd level are open to the public
to come listen in while they are in session

ms. georgia pointed out the famous pioneers in texas in this giant painting
and we memorized the location of the san jacinto monument... east of houston :)

this is the house of representatives
so beautiful this time of year

our little class of 1st graders
17 sweet boys and girls
6 girls and 11 boys
oh my!

we are excited to go back in the 4th grade to learn in-depth
 the workings of the senate and house of representatives

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