Tuesday, June 25, 2013

photo booth FUN

we played on photo booth Sunday
 some of our shots were downright scary

this one i love

that's about right
they squeeze the top right off my head

two of a kind

we laughed and laughed

Thursday, June 20, 2013

hello SUMMER

truly my fave
 this time of year
the long day of sunshine
relaxed schedule with the kids
i love it
change of pace
it's good
and the living is easy

our summer has started off pretty exciting

a good friend turned 40
we celebrated BIG with a hula theme party
such a blast!

beautiful home
pina colada machine
catered food
hula dancers
good friends
happy happy Hilary

then a few days later mocha doodle had her
 on june 4th
13 of them
she is amazing

for now she lives with the breeder in dripping
and is busy until mid july feeding
and being mommy to them
we miss her like crazy around the house

poor coacher

he's been enjoying ALL the attention again
he truly doesn't seem the least bit sad
silly ol' dog

boys started swimming lessons three nights a week
and i still think they need one more session
 they need more practice in the pooooool!!!

last day of school was june 5th

they had adorable matching shirts for twin day
with 8 of their closest buddies

one of the boys said
it's not quadruplet day
just twin day


and that evening we had a FUN
outdoor movie party with a few friends

we introduced the kids to THE GOONIES movie
good times
quilts, lawn chairs, 
dogs and burgers, adult beverages, bug spray
cool summer night breeze
it was the perfect ending to a great school year

now we are enjoying a few weeks of spanish camp at school
and an extended visit with uncle ronnie here

who lets the boys play on his phone sometimes

he's a good uncle

it's been a great start to summer around here
we are blessed
and busy

excited for the next chapter
as we currently prepare to move an hour north

moving boxes are fun ;-)

i love summer!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


corbin pierce

oh how you make me smile
and my heart well up 
and melt

so happy you are our son
our family is complete with you

you are a keeper
so handsome
our precious 2nd born
twin brother
Baby B
you have the
biggest cowlick
blonde hair
blue eyes

early riser


 so inquisitive
a problem solver

love this boy
he is
a go getter
loves to read
and boss everyone around
animal loving
healthy eater

good student
sweet soul

crazy about this one
blessed to share life with him
love you buddy boy

Friday, June 7, 2013

last day of school {1st grade}

my babies are finished with the 1st grade
sniff, sniff
I remembered to have them wear the same outfit the last day of school
that they wore the first day so I could do a comparison photo

i'd say they've done LOTS of growing this year
and their outfits have done a lot of fading

 they rode their bikes to school
one last time
this year
I drove near by holding their yearbooks
last day of school was a signing party
and lots of movie watching
oh and a dance party during lunch

here's their entire class
kylie, kyle, jacob, zeriah, corbin, cooper, Marisol
sawyer, jonathan, alex, Santiago, emiliano, julissa, Emily, Joshua, travis

all the kiddos got an award
corbin got one for excellence in reading
and cooper got TWO awards
one for most improved reader and
perfect attendance :-)
so proud of our boys
they have really grown up a lot this year
and worked hard to perfect their reading skills
way to go kiddos!
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