Wednesday, March 30, 2011

afternoon at the park

swing me higher, momma! corbin pierce loved swinging today. he's never liked it that much until now. he was trying to get the coordination down for pumping himself. i could see the wheels turning in his head by the way he held his tongue partially out of his mouth. i could hardly pull him away from the swings when it was time to move on.when did my little ones turn into such BIG BOYS?! they are becoming so independent. so very tall, and smart. there are days i hardly recognize them. wish they would slow down this whole growing up part of life. i love when they tell me they want to marry me and live here with me and dad forever. meltwe walked all along the river that runs through the park. i showed the boys how fun it is to throw sticks and rocks in the water. Cooper totally loved finding the biggest stick he could and making a big splash.lots of reminders spoken to not get too close to the water. it was deep in places. the thought of having to jump in after one of my babes was very unpleasant. swimming in said "river" with that green stuff... creepy.excited Spring is here! exploring the great outdoors with the boys is big fun.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ready for Spring

we have raised garden beds! they are perfect for our sloped backyard. these three raised beds built so brilliantly by my dearest husband are perfect. can't wait to see them full this summer. we really dig gardening. i love that the boys can help out and watch our own fruit and vegetables grow.


we started most of our garden from seeds. stay tuned for lots of pics of a big bounty from our little backyard garden of love. ===================coming summer 2011====================

Thursday, March 10, 2011

retreat. recharge. rethink.

totally loved Rockin R' Retreat in Temple last weekend. it was a really great couple days. i am so happy with all i accomplished. made some great connections. overall felt like it was a great time of focus. yay! loved spending quality time with my girl inlaws, surrounded by 30+ other super great women, all day and night to scrapbook, craft, eat, laugh, share and recharge. awesome time! I stayed up WAY too late and got up WAY too early though. sleep was not a big priority. i sure felt it when i got home too. we could have easily opened up a HUGE scrapbook store with all the stuff in that big room. there was some big time talent all around me. i wish i'd taken more pics. i still haven't gotten over feeling funny for being papparazzi like all the time. i need to get over it. of course this crazy birthday girl loves the camera. she was workin' it! hey, love those cats eyes. can i borrow that brown please? i'm so blessed for having the opportunity to go. we met some super great women! hope we get to meet again this summer in Arlington at the great american scrap convention. can't wait
Good Times!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hanging in there

no life is not always fair. another job loss seems unfair. but we are hanging in there. growing. learning new ways to think. moving forward. never backward. God gives us all grace! his spirit continues to help us pick up and keep going. we have each other. we have our perfectly healthy children. family and friends. and a God. oooodles of faith. there's a purpose. it will glorify God.
i love how calm this boy is when given a little direction. all of a sudden it's like he's 2 months away from being 5. oh but he still loves to cuddle and be held, and dressed, and tickled. he's my baby. i've always loved that about him.

so hello March. the grass is turning green, the flowering trees are in bloom. what's not to love about spring. and just like that we say goodbye to winter.
the boys are riding their bikes everyday and helping us start the garden. we have seedlings starting in baggies hanging in the front window of the house. we can be so country. i sorta like that about us.

my boy. my talkative boy. he loves to be in the know. i love that about him. i sorta can't wait to take the boys training wheels off. i'm always rushing my own dispair. he loves his stuffed dog. and is almost always cooperative for a picture. i love that about him.
highs and lows. ups and downs. through it all baby!
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