Friday, March 30, 2012

beautiful people

look how pretty

this girl has my heart! my friends seriously have some cute CUTE kids!
ericka's babes.

so fun to photograph little ones.
africa is 10 weeks away!
feeling very blessed and overwhelmed on this day.
god is good! and faithful. i get to go love on these little ones.
i'm not worthy.

my brother went home on thursday. another miraculous moment.
proud of his spirit. grateful for his life!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

the crocodiles {team #5}

there are 8 of them. 4 girls, 4 boys
the girls are really good. aggressive to go after the ball.
i think half the boys have never played.

it's exciting to watch.

cute kids.





still need pictures of ava and joaquin.

next game saturday at 9am!

Monday, March 26, 2012

hello Monday


hello to his first soccer practice and game.

he caught on really quick, and worked hard for that ball. he was tired and hot afterward. maybe a little reluctant for another "game". we'll see. he's little and learning.

hello to DAY TWO of working it OFF at the YMCA.
hello to the return of Mad Men on AMC. last night's 2 hours were divine and entertaining.oh don draper

hello to yarn i found to send my aunt. she will make this into some clothing treasures sometime this year for the guys. heather gray is the best!

hello to little boys in church.
growing up... sitting in front of us for a bit yesterday.

hello to beyblades. the boy's favorites right now. ALL the boys. they are everywhere.
it's a fancy top. using a rip cord you spin your top in the collesium against each other. it's actually a pretty cool toy. and mobile. which is always nice.

hello to spring. bluebonnets.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

friday night lights at the racetrack

this one tolerates the camera, most of the time.
i'm so glad.

i love pictures of him... especially ones with his messy chocolate milk face.

we went and watched adam and some buddies race NasKart's a few miles from our house last night. it was pretty fun. adam is #99. hook 'em!

the boy's got to wave flags. and had fun running around the infield area.

Friday, March 23, 2012

more good

so much to smile about as we end this week.

the boy's had 5 great days at school!
spring break is a good idea.
seems they are recharged and excited about going to school again.
now the final push to kinder graduation in 9-10 weeks. wow!
oh my goodness! this year went too fast!!!

these electric scooters their friends let them play on are so RAD.

little coop decided he wanted to learn to ride a bike yesterday.
he picked up skylar's bike and miss ericka did a fine job of keeping him on course and encouraging him along the way. he even rode his bike to school this morning. proud as ever!
corbin started soccer this week. he loves it.
he says... "i like it cause it's lots of exercise." he's an athlete.
but i need to get his developing under bite looked at right away! he does that when he's concentrating. can you say headgear?!
he's #11. the team is 4 boys and 4 girls. they are the crocodiles. should be fun to watch! and i'm the team photographer. lucky me!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

meatballs and such

happy SPRING!!

making pioneer woman's meatballs for dinner.
some good ol home cookin' comfort food is in order in the curtis house tonight.

our poor yard... so many weeds.
adam planted the gardens this weekend.
monster weed!
tomatillos, okra, tomato, strawberry, green beans, blueberries.tomatillos are off to a good start.

this rosemary bush just grows and grows.
this little cutie lost his third tooth this weekend.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

spring break twenty twelve

what a great week!
sometimes it's soooo nice to get away from the daily routine.
we drove to oklahoma then missouri then back through north texas and home. away for 6 nights 7 days. we got to visit with lots of family.
this is my cousin and her sweet little girls. we spent two nights at their house. it was fun to see our kids play together.
as with most vacations we ate way too much. drove lots of miles.
ate out way too much. but we had fun.
we made memories. we went to six flags over texas in arlington. the boys rode judge roy scream. cooper enjoyed the thrill rides, corbin was a bit more reserved like his momma. adam and i did get to ride runaway mountain together sans the kiddos. we waited in line for more than a hour. it was worth it. scary!!
cooper was brave and rode the shock wave. the boys enjoyed the tea cups and boots too.
and each day's weather was picture perfect.
we always love hanging out in dad's backyard while in springfield. so pretty there this time of year. the boys spent time coloring pictures for papa harvey and grandma, we played a little hide and go seek, and they played with lincoln logs and leapsters Gena loaned us for the day.

all the guys also got haircuts while in missouri. cooper's cut was extreme. he has such great hair!
overall spring break was a great break! good times had by all.
pleased as punch to be home sweet home. now back to the weekly routine starting tomorrow. and soccer starts wednesday. life is good!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


little justin beiber

Our friends have the cutest kids! I am serious. Beautiful babes!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dance Baby

cooper likes to dance.
hello! hope everyone had a nice weekend. it was beautiful here.
we went to the family dance at school friday night, then to dinner with a big gang of friends from school. look forward to doing that more. we are blessed with a great group.

we are all excited for spring break next week! time away is going to be nice for everyone. and lots of fun memories are in the plans!!

i surprised the boy's last week and brought chick fil a to them at school for lunch. they loved it! emiliano is our buddy. the boys played tee ball together too. his mom teaches 3rd grade.

another photo session complete. i love my job!

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