Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the angels rejoiced

we are all happy with daddy's new car purchase.
i love the color. it's the 8th Honda we've owned between the two of us. hopeful it proves to be another reliable source of transportation.
orange is their favorite color right now.
we were blessed with a little spring weather preview on Monday so we planted some bulbs. corbin asked me if the bulb would make the ground hot.

finding worms and giving them names and a new home was on the agenda for coopcorb.
corbin loved the yogurt sample at Costco so much he stuck his nose in it.
i can barely lift these two up into a grocery cart. so heavy and tall.

Friday, February 18, 2011

what a week

Monday started off me being stranded on the side of the road in the Taurus. thankfully, Adam was able to come to the rescue pretty quickly.
this car was such a God send when we got it 3+ years ago. Adam's spent lots of time keeping it going. it was hard to see it go.
We sold it to the tow truck driver. Bittersweet.
So a date with the sewing machine never happened on Monday. i still managed to get all of these complete.
my Etsy shop is open! you can click to it right on the blog.
I'm excited to finally be selling my sewing online.

so super excited for the boys to be home today. i'm going to spend the weekend giving lots of hugs and kisses. and we might talk about their upcoming 5th birthday and do some planning. and car shop some more, and grocery shop and church. it's gonna be great! In God We Trust, yes!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


happy valentines day! loving these flowers from Adam. i feel special.

loving my blue eyed blonde babe.
loving these little boy feet. my sacred piece of solid ground.
oh let the sun shine in. face it with a grin. loving i get to spend the day with my sewing machine.

Monday, February 7, 2011

love you big.

I sure do love my boys! so thankful for this parenting gig. it's hard and real. humbling and fantastic. it wouldn't be the same without my awesome love. he continues to be so wise and patient. and super duper handsome! mmm hmm i'm lucky for this life. this family. blessed!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

first snow.

this was the first time the boys had seen snow. cooper spent some time taste testing.
around town there were accidents everywhere. this poor truck driver had a bad day.
bundled up to play in the snow. they didn't last too long outside once their fingers were frozen. they did enjoy looking at the snow covered back yard from inside the warm house.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

soooooo COLD

home sick... that's where we've been all week. i know most of the country is snowed in and going stir crazy to get out and about again. i feel ya! it's just too cold to get out here, and with half of us still sick we haven't wanted to be out spreading germs. come on spring weather!

Cooper found it fun to string buttons on yarn. most of the week has been spent playing the Wii, watching a few cartoons, and pleading their case for time on my computer or iphone.
Corbin talking non stop. he feels great so he's still busy telling us something all the time. and playing the Wii only after insisting he has the number one remote.

weatherman is predicting snow in central Texas today. the boys are anxiously awaiting their first taste of a snow flake or two. on Monday they had their first treat from the ice cream man. yeah, it was a warm 75 degrees that day. they chose Batman ice cream. but well of course they did!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

happy oneth of the month

this time last week i was busy baking these pumpkin muffins . and rainbow jello for the boys. both in the same day ! i was feelin good....
and BAM the next day the whole family is sick.
sick kids always worry me. sick husband... the worst. i was even sick with 101 fever. mean virus. thankfully now a week later half of us are nearing 100% and the other half are getting close. boo for this time of year. we always get sick in jan or feb.

i love peter krause on Parenthood. he is so likeable in every way.
excellent show! i admit it does scare to be the parents of teenagers. i have so much to learn. and teach. and i have a lot of faith. amen.

hope you are staying warm and cozy. this winter storm is unreal!
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