Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the past few days

some days i'm super mom
 friday night we had an impromptu dinner at applebee's
and i let the boys invite their buddy, riley
afterwards i got crafty while they watched rise of the guardians upstairs
we went through 2lbs of strawberries in 2 days
sunday at church we had a BBQ fundraiser for Jen & Robert's trip to Uganda this summer
it was so awesome to see all the support
we raised a mere $4,000 in a few hours
god is good
and BBQ brisket is pretty yummy too!
monday the boy's tested for their orange belt
obviously they passed :)
and their buddy michael earned his strap in green

we are excited for the weekend
mom will be here to hang with us for a few days
i have lots of easter stuff planned for the boy's
just gotta finish up this work week

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gardening Time

Adam started planting early this year

we have onions and potatoes growing

We still can't seem to find the right strawberry to take off and grow. 
It's still early maybe we'll get our bumper crop of strawberries after all.

Many of the other seeds we planted have not began to sprout.
 this weekend we planted small size plants for the rest of the garden.

4 types of tomatoes
squash, zucchini

marigolds to surround the garden plants


it's pretty easy to get your hands on plants to start a garden
this time of year they sell them everywhere
the challenge is getting them to produce

keep the dogs out of the garden bed
watering them properly
keeping them alive in the intense summer heat
knowing when to harvest

thankful someone in this house has a green thumb
and has a pretty good gardening track record

Saturday, March 23, 2013

little dude

someone got a new bike

he was pretty surprised
his daddy bought it for him cause he had a fantastic report card this 11 weeks
and cause we love him
and he's awesome
and had out grown his little blue and yellow 12" bike

he got a gigantic 20" now
it's a stretch for him but he's growing like a weed
we will be raising the seat in no time
whaaaaa! my boy is growing up.

we are pretty crazy for this one 
first born
  Cooper P
i love his spirit
his energy
sense of adventure
creative gift
compassionate heart
6  year old

... almost 7 in like 47 days.

keep up the great work coop!
we are so proud of you.
and admire your dedication to work hard

enjoy that new black bike little dude

Monday, March 18, 2013

hello spring

this weekend was so nice
it's starting to warm up and be sunny 
at the same time
feeling like spring

and there's always enough wind in kyle
so we took the dogs to the dog park and flew a kite

it's been so long since we've flown kites
really a fun thing to do

coach and mocha went crazy when they saw that shuttle start flying right above us at the dog park
love the freedom for the dogs to run at the dog park
do not however like the stickers mocha came home with all buried in her curly fur
we need a new place

spring break 2013 was a hit
short trip to Nana's for the boy's
then a long weekend at home
cook out with the silvert's, fishing with dad, pot luck with church friends, subway, donuts before church
we've officially over eaten and splurged! time to go back to work, and send the kids back to school.

summer is around the corner!

I've seen little patches of bluebonnets here and there this week
found this beauty growing solo at the dog park

Sunday, March 17, 2013

happy st patty!

after church we get to spend a few hours eating lunch with the sunday school gang. white's are hosting with some of Ron's delicious brisket. i'm making homemade blackberry ice cream... 
thanks to my brother Ronnie for teaching me how to make it!

3/4 cup whole milk
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 1/2 cups blackberries
2/3 cup sugar
pinch of salt
1 1/2 tsp vanilla

Mix the milk, cream, sugar, salt on low speed until dissolved. Gently smash blackberries until broken up good.
Add berries to liquid mixture. Stir in vanilla.
Freeze for an hour.

I use a Cusinart ice cream maker and make it in the freezer bowl for 15 minutes which turns it into soft serve ice cream. I freeze it longer.
 It's amazing!!

Friday, March 8, 2013


linking up with jeanette at life rearranged again this week
i'm aacurtis on INSTAGRAM

life rearranged
i found a new favorite bath & body scent
thanks to my friend kris :)

breakfast with dad before school
the boy's dressed alike, and didn't even notice until we were walking to the car to head to school

 watch that tail... mocha's tail is like a whip
she's fierce

except when she's passed out on the bathroom floor
making us step over and around her
silly doodle nooodle

look at those birth dates
4 kids
1 set of twins
all exactly 12 months apart
bam bam bam bam

have you seen one of these?
toe pull
no more washing hands and then having to touch the door handle
they were recently installed on the restrooms in our office building
nifty gadget
tricky to get the hang of using
i almost grab that handle every time
as i balance on one foot and use the other to open the door
perfect for the germophob in all of us :)
and a little exercise in balance too
win win

my social calendar is evite exciting this month
going to a slumber party tonight... it's been like 30 years - i'm giddy excited
like i'm 9 again

next week is spring break
boy's are off to nana's for a long weekend
i'm hoping for some quiet evenings at home with my man
with a few parties, dinner dates, and productive days at home thrown in :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

karate tournament {#2}

the boy's had a karate tournament yesterday
cooper is white above
working on a nice kick

below Corbin throws a sneak left punch to the chest
and won the point over his opponent's attempted side kick

the first one to 3 point wins
both boys had a close match
oh it's so exciting
and over SO fast!
down to 2 to 2
adam and i just sit on the sideline reminding them "hit him".
it works
they both won 1st place medals!

mr "d" (their karate instructor) was referee of corbin's match
the tournament is two exciting 5 minute matches and then it's over
well for our kiddos
the gym is full of about 200 other kids and families waiting their turn

 boys take their next rank test for orange belt on march 25th
 we have to finally learn to tie their belt on our own
lord help me
i can't tie that thing right for nothin'!
boy's will have to finally learn and teach ME :)

pretty awesome little karate fighters
congratulations on a win win guys!

happy, hot, and hungry
way to work hard
Sparring Champs!

Friday, March 1, 2013


happy friday
friday's are so exciting when you work mon - fri aren't they?
when i stayed home friday was sorta just another day for me.
NOT anymore :)

linking up with Life Rearranged
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life rearranged
this has been a GOOD week

saturday i got a much needed pedicure
so nice to have sandal toes again!

look at this tree
gorgeous spring blooms
my favorite color
i scrapbooked with kara until 10 saturday night
our two camping trips with the boys are almost in their albums
i love scrapbooking

got me in the mood for another camping adventure

while i played all day the boys went to a cub scouts event to cheer on their buddy alex in his pine derby race
they missed the race
but he WON!
way to go alex
sunday was church
sleepy early morning church... snuggled up close to mom and dad, reading along with the liturgist

adam worked on planting more seeds for the garden

monday night was karate

a craft project in the works

more amazing clouds
captured on my way to work
what an awesome creation

we are getting sooooo close to raising enough funds to construct a sunshade over our playground at Science Hall

"momma, take our picture. me and vanilla & chocolate"
someone still likes the camera

hat day at school today
cat and the hat day to be exact :)
and market day
and hot lunch day
and the last day of celebrating dr. suess' birthday
did you know dr. suess' first book was And to think I saw it on Mulberry Street?
We have most all the Dr. Suess books... thanks to our long missed friends Kem and Thomas :)
miss you guys
thanks for all the books
we LOVE reading them!
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