Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the past few days

some days i'm super mom
 friday night we had an impromptu dinner at applebee's
and i let the boys invite their buddy, riley
afterwards i got crafty while they watched rise of the guardians upstairs
we went through 2lbs of strawberries in 2 days
sunday at church we had a BBQ fundraiser for Jen & Robert's trip to Uganda this summer
it was so awesome to see all the support
we raised a mere $4,000 in a few hours
god is good
and BBQ brisket is pretty yummy too!
monday the boy's tested for their orange belt
obviously they passed :)
and their buddy michael earned his strap in green

we are excited for the weekend
mom will be here to hang with us for a few days
i have lots of easter stuff planned for the boy's
just gotta finish up this work week

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