Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gardening Time

Adam started planting early this year

we have onions and potatoes growing

We still can't seem to find the right strawberry to take off and grow. 
It's still early maybe we'll get our bumper crop of strawberries after all.

Many of the other seeds we planted have not began to sprout.
 this weekend we planted small size plants for the rest of the garden.

4 types of tomatoes
squash, zucchini

marigolds to surround the garden plants


it's pretty easy to get your hands on plants to start a garden
this time of year they sell them everywhere
the challenge is getting them to produce

keep the dogs out of the garden bed
watering them properly
keeping them alive in the intense summer heat
knowing when to harvest

thankful someone in this house has a green thumb
and has a pretty good gardening track record

1 comment:

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