Friday, March 1, 2013


happy friday
friday's are so exciting when you work mon - fri aren't they?
when i stayed home friday was sorta just another day for me.
NOT anymore :)

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life rearranged
this has been a GOOD week

saturday i got a much needed pedicure
so nice to have sandal toes again!

look at this tree
gorgeous spring blooms
my favorite color
i scrapbooked with kara until 10 saturday night
our two camping trips with the boys are almost in their albums
i love scrapbooking

got me in the mood for another camping adventure

while i played all day the boys went to a cub scouts event to cheer on their buddy alex in his pine derby race
they missed the race
but he WON!
way to go alex
sunday was church
sleepy early morning church... snuggled up close to mom and dad, reading along with the liturgist

adam worked on planting more seeds for the garden

monday night was karate

a craft project in the works

more amazing clouds
captured on my way to work
what an awesome creation

we are getting sooooo close to raising enough funds to construct a sunshade over our playground at Science Hall

"momma, take our picture. me and vanilla & chocolate"
someone still likes the camera

hat day at school today
cat and the hat day to be exact :)
and market day
and hot lunch day
and the last day of celebrating dr. suess' birthday
did you know dr. suess' first book was And to think I saw it on Mulberry Street?
We have most all the Dr. Suess books... thanks to our long missed friends Kem and Thomas :)
miss you guys
thanks for all the books
we LOVE reading them!


  1. Whew, you look like you had a busy week! The tree pic is gorgeous. And way to go on the scrapbooking! I used to scrapbook all the time, but not so much anymore. Stopping by from Life Rearranged.

  2. What fun shots you got. Love that scenic picture of the field and the clouds. SO pretty!!!

  3. Great pics! I love your crafty "C"! Looks like you are a busy mama. :)


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