Saturday, March 23, 2013

little dude

someone got a new bike

he was pretty surprised
his daddy bought it for him cause he had a fantastic report card this 11 weeks
and cause we love him
and he's awesome
and had out grown his little blue and yellow 12" bike

he got a gigantic 20" now
it's a stretch for him but he's growing like a weed
we will be raising the seat in no time
whaaaaa! my boy is growing up.

we are pretty crazy for this one 
first born
  Cooper P
i love his spirit
his energy
sense of adventure
creative gift
compassionate heart
6  year old

... almost 7 in like 47 days.

keep up the great work coop!
we are so proud of you.
and admire your dedication to work hard

enjoy that new black bike little dude

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Coop! I'm very proud of you for your hard work and love you super big time. Hats off to mom for great pics as well! - Uncle


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