Friday, August 31, 2012


Wow, these Friday posts seem to come around faster and faster!
 we made it to the long weekend. survived the first week back to school

Linking up with Jeanette at Life Rearranged. Go check her out! 

life rearranged
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laying out my canvas painting
i had adam re draw it.
straight lines, graph squares, circles
i'd rather just paint.

i had a helper vacuuming
he did all the stairs
 loves to help

can i help momma? can i help? 
he's so big.

straight to the Y after drop off on the first day of school
we've pushed ourselves this week
and i can barely walk
getting in shape, lifting weights hurts
i'm ready to curl up with a book and not move for awhile

after 1st day of school treat
this place is great
josie's fro yo is Goooood!!

adding color 
working slowly on the painting

adding color is fun

love these dog screen savers adam put on my computer
so cute

speaking of doggies
coacher had a playdate with riley 
our neighbors are trying to sell their house 
she comes over to play while the realtor's are there
she's a sweet girl
coach is nice and shares his water bowl, and a spot on the cold tile

on the 3rd day of school
 the boys got ready early, so they rode bikes
i ran behind

enjoying the early morning sunrise

then i spent an hour on the spin bike
rode over 20 miles
burned 400 calories

happy long weekend!!
tonight is friday night high school football
and i have a date with my sewing machine :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

crazy about this girl

the pink, the bow, curly hair, chocolate skin
in love with it all

the curtis' are all crazy about this wee one
she's just a little angel

hi dylann!

i love this beautiful sweet girl
don't my friends have the prettiest children?

she is pretty as a flower

 almost 3 years old

little angel
striking a pose
you go girl

bye DD, dilly, cleetus, dylann elise, D!! 
i'm so happy you are my friend.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

sunflowers in june

back in june after all the bluebonnets and wildflowers went away
we suddenly got sunflowers

all along the new road behind our house
aren't these pretty sunflowers?
we got to see them everyday

me and the boys finally stopped to take pictures

sunflowers just scream sunshine, don't they?

and we were blessed with lots of rain AND sunshine this spring and early summer

i love how he poses

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School {First Grade}

my first born's first day of first grade. whaaa! where does the time go?
 man i love him something fierce. 
such a sweet kid. funny. handsome. complicated. smart. 
curious.  creative. compassionate. giving. protective.
he is his own little guy. and i love that for him.
god has cooper in his grip. my angels have told me so :)

oh silly corbin pierce. of course he needed a turn holding the sign TOO! 
such a cute little guy... seriously.  he certainly has my heart. he's smart. 
sensitive. natural leader. silly. active. bossy. thinker. talker. 
corbin is a blessing! i can't wait to see how he soars on through the 1st grade!

 we sure are blessed to be parents to this big duo.
and yes, they are growing like weeds!

Friday, August 24, 2012


linking up with jeanette at Life Rearranged again this week.
life rearranged
I'm aacurtis on Instagram.

dorky self portrait
 blame it on the make up
 i dressed up 
 i had to get a picture of THAT!

huge shopping trip success
we were out of everything... ugh!
$300 later it's all in the car 

i survived the walmarts
with kids in tow
 mom of the year !

gaining inspiration to start this project 
canvas and paint are bought
 i think i'll start it on monday

and my husband smiles HUGE
we love football around our house
huge fans of college ball
texas teams, Big 12
we watch a lot of college football

and of course adam is "officially" involved in jv & high school football
 my very own linesman :)
adam's new official's shirt for the season
his 14th season officiating
new crew
should be exciting

this little guy is officially hair ready for the 1st grade
check out his little big teeth combination
goofy grill

we are going to miss all the lazy afternoons at the Y swimming pool
it closes the first day of school :(

LOVE all the new school supplies 
for cheap too!

super happy about the boy's 1st grade class & teachers!
 we are blessed again with the cream of the crop :) 
thank you Lord!! 
these guys are worth it! 

i can't wait to edit these shots i got last night
oh this girl

happy friday
have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


i hadn't scrapbooked in MONTHS.

 i love being invited to a crop. it's always more fun to scrapbook with a group.
this time i went with a lady adam works with and some of her friends.
we are lucky to have a few scrapbook stores very close to us.
i love to support them when i can!

it was awesome to be surrounded by loads of paper and gadgets and stickers and charms
i was there for 7 hours. i didn't take my camera so no pictures of the store.
but i got a few layouts complete. a few more stories told.
i love playing with paper and pictures and glue. :)

i'm signed up to go back to the next crop the end of september. 

i have plenty of pictures to use, that's for sure!
and blessed to have busy boys around to take pictures of, and tell stories about.

with school starting, and being on the PTA board this year, and the holidays right around the corner -- i'll be taking lots more pictures!

i love photography
and scrapbooking.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


we've done LOTS of swimming this summer 
the YMCA is always a fun place to swim
never a huge crowd
always enough empty chairs for breaks
and they make us take breaks
one 10 minute break every hour
everyone out of the pool

the boys are becoming pretty good swimmers

they sure have fun in there
chasing each other, wrestling, diving, swimming
i didn't feel like swimming today, so another day thankful they have each other

coop says it's cold
corbin is tired

i'm sure by next year the boy's will be going down the slides,
 and swimming in the deep end

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