Friday, August 17, 2012


life rearranged
linking up my phone pics with jeannette again this week.  
if you are on instagram i'm aacurtis.

me and the boys had a great week in NM visiting my brother, mom and step dad. 
helped us not miss adam so much while he finished his last week of travel. 

the drive is long from here to there.
 i enjoyed the hour of quiet while the boys slept. 

these windmills signify about halfway there. 

they LOVE their memaw's little dogs. sadie and sophie.
i'm not completely sure the feeling is mutual.
visiting memaw at her office
so happy to have facetime with adam the THREE weeks he was in malaysia.
god bless all the single parents out there.

we spent an early saturday morning at the park. my kids get up so early, and we were adjusting to mountain time as well.
we spent a little time at the local splash pad. it was HOT that day.
mom fired up the quilting machine while we were there to finish quilting this for a friend.
my mom is so talented. 
finished product. so pretty, mom! she quilts so beautifully.
this quilt will be mine when it's finished. yay! i love all my quilts mom has made.

my brother took us to the zoo.
techy family.
 two TV's in one room, two laptops going. multiple iphones, an ipad, two DS's, and a Wii.
all while we watched lots of olympics!  it was a perfect week.
my brother taught me how to make the best blackberry homemade ice cream in the world!
using this cool machine. it was SUPER easy, and quick.
i can't wait to get one. 

i made mom and i this yummy salad for dinner one night. 
had to do something to counter balance all the ice cream eating!
so bummed.. ronnie accidently spilled hot coffee on his ankles. got some pretty nasty burns.
the next day we visited his wound doctor and he said they should heal up just fine. praise God! the nurses there love him. 
it was all hands on deck when he arrived.
we did a little back to school shopping.
 the boys both got their first pair of shoes with laces to tie.
 time to learn to tie your shoes coopcorb!
i loved doing what i could to help out with my brother's care. i washed his bed cover almost every day i was there. just because i love him. :)
we brought home a HUGE bag of sweet corn.
from a company with our last name. 
we all thought that was super cool.
i have a new camera! feels so awesome to have an upgraded model.
 it's been almost 7 years. i'm still in love with Nikon.
thank you bro!!
and finally we all made it back home to texas safe and sound last night. 
we were so happy to see adam, home safe from asia!!

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