Friday, August 31, 2012


Wow, these Friday posts seem to come around faster and faster!
 we made it to the long weekend. survived the first week back to school

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life rearranged
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laying out my canvas painting
i had adam re draw it.
straight lines, graph squares, circles
i'd rather just paint.

i had a helper vacuuming
he did all the stairs
 loves to help

can i help momma? can i help? 
he's so big.

straight to the Y after drop off on the first day of school
we've pushed ourselves this week
and i can barely walk
getting in shape, lifting weights hurts
i'm ready to curl up with a book and not move for awhile

after 1st day of school treat
this place is great
josie's fro yo is Goooood!!

adding color 
working slowly on the painting

adding color is fun

love these dog screen savers adam put on my computer
so cute

speaking of doggies
coacher had a playdate with riley 
our neighbors are trying to sell their house 
she comes over to play while the realtor's are there
she's a sweet girl
coach is nice and shares his water bowl, and a spot on the cold tile

on the 3rd day of school
 the boys got ready early, so they rode bikes
i ran behind

enjoying the early morning sunrise

then i spent an hour on the spin bike
rode over 20 miles
burned 400 calories

happy long weekend!!
tonight is friday night high school football
and i have a date with my sewing machine :)

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