{Perfectly Paisley Handmade}

Custom sewing - Handmade Crafts for kids and home

 I welcome all inquiries for any custom sewing projects, alterations or handmade crafts.
Pick your colors, patterns, fabric types... and let me do the sewing!
Please feel free to email or call for more information.

Below are pictures of some custom projects I've completed this year: 

Custom Designed Fabric Wall Organizer

Ruffled Zipper Wristlet Clutch with monogram inital
Decorative Throw Pillows - Crayon Roll-ups

Personalized Crayon Wreath {great teacher gift}

Cricut Cover
Diaper Bags

 Tote Bags - any size or shape

Crayon Roll Ups
 Personalized Fabric Pendant Banners for any occasion

Preschool Nap Mats with Monogramming
Custom Handmade Wooden Blocks for any season - great to display on your mantle

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