Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We've Been Running

2014 has been about getting healthy. And the journey to staying healthy! I participated (and won) in a friendly "get healthy challenge" with some friends at church. I won for the most weight lost and healthy lifestyle points for the 8 weeks. That competition really helped make me intentional about eating and exercise. I read the Daniel Plan book, and educated myself about food. I started logging every.single.thing i ate or drank. counting the calories of it all. reading all labels on all foods. avoiding all processed junk. it's a total change of thinking! And I'm so grateful for the change! I started out walking and now I love to run. Thankfully Adam likes to do races with me too! A few weeks ago he had to be in San Antonio for a spring football scrimmage, so we signed up to run a 5K and went as a family. Super fun! The boys were safe hanging out til we finished. It would be great if we could get them trained to run with us. Soon!
 Here are a few pics taken at the event. John McBrayer Photography: 2014-04 Fiesta Especial &emdash;

John McBrayer Photography: 2014-04 Fiesta Especial &emdash; John McBrayer Photography: 2014-04 Fiesta Especial &emdash;  

Adam struggled a little with this race.
I was pumped to finish 5th among the females! 34:19 right after him. 
He's usually super fast! That's pretty good for slow me. 
For now I am content finishing races. 
I am not too concerned with my time per minute.

This was our first 5K of the year. It was pretty chilly that morning. But I'm so glad we signed up and RAN! 

Wicked Wine Run at the Spicewood Vineyards. Adam flew threw the course in under 29 minutes. I finished in 34 something. It was a TOUGH course. And much warmer and humid than it has been. Surprisingly the wine at the end was SO VERY GOOD. 
We took a bottle home. 
Yummy Tempranillo!

The Longhorn 10K I did by myself. 
It was a great challenge for me. Lots of hills and LONG. But I felt great afterwards. 
My time was around 1 hour 4 minutes. And I had to stop for a potty break. 

Whew that was a lot of races. We were racing fools in March and April.
Here's to running!!

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