Friday, January 25, 2013


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I'm aacurtis on INSTAGRAM baby!
well hi there
silly girl

no, she's NOT supposed to be sitting on the cabinet.
 she likes to watch the kids play outside.
the boy's had their first basketball game on saturday
so fun watching them learn how to play some hoops
they are #3 and #4 on their team
the spurs
corbin got the 24 hour bug mid week, and missed his first day of 1st grade
thankfully he is feeling better now...
and slowly getting back his appetite
he likes to read himself to sleep at night
we let him most nights
growing up
i caught him brushing his teeth before bed
  and i think he was only told once
yay! for big boys who just handle their business
adam baked 7+ dozen brownies last night for the PTA bake sale tonight
i have such a helpful man
thanks babe!
happy friday

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


the precious girl we sponsor in uganda wrote us a letter :) 
(there was quite the delay in receiving it

so happy to hear from her
i think of her so much
looking back at pictures from my time there
the people
the sights
the sounds
the joyful happy people
who need our love and time
almost 40 orphans living here
one "mom"

 i can't wait to go back and see these girls
sarah, christine & faith

god bless them and keep them safe, well fed, loved and strong in their faith

i pray they are learning to sew
 christine was so excited to learn when i was there
she has the prettiest smile, sings like an angel, and gives the best hugs

If you are lead to sponsor or donate to ms agnes' orphange in Uganda here is the link to go...
Please go to

be a good steward

Monday, January 21, 2013


my life has not been perfect, easy or ideal... at times
teen pregnancy
juvenile delinquency
drug abuse
loss of my young nephew in a car accident 
major life dibilitating stroke for my dad at age 56
12 year prison sentence for my brother
my brother being shot and paralyzed 

yup i've seen it all
been around it all
experienced hurt, witnessed great suffering

but through it all
 i still have faith
 in god's plans
i am blessed to know i have eternal life in heaven to look forward too
a day when none of this hurt or suffering or grief will matter anymore

praise GOD

and even though life hasn't always been easy
i still have MUCH to be thankful for
don't we all

i remember my days in africa last summer
i would say out loud over and over "we have so much"
they have nothing
i am blessed to be an american
i am blessed to have a beautiful family to love and care for
a roof over our head and a means to feed our big family of 4+ 2 dogs + 1 guinea pig
abundance, favor
we have it

we have a church family that is a dream come true
 total GOD thing
and i have a wonderful group of christian girlfriends who are the funnest people i know
these girls are so great
and their husbands are equally amazing and all friends with adam
like family friends

i have the privilege to work now while the boys are in school
and another blessing came in to our life when we found our adorable nanny, Celina
she cares for the boys and pets 3.5 hours a day
in a very calm, nurturing, engaging manner
a total gift from God

we have these amazingly loveable and smart and complex and FUN twin boys
who are a total MIRACLE
and the reason we get up everyday
they are our everything
we worry and pray and cry and fret and research to do it right by them
it's harder than anything we've faced thus far in life
the importance of getting it right feels overwhelming

we aren't perfect parents
but thank god we have each other
we aren't alone
we have tools and determination to always try harder
intentional parenting
i am beyond blessed to have a committed husband
who is a great partner
who is completely devoted to his family
so wise beyond his years
he is the best problem solver
offers solutions for me A LOT
i am challenged by him
and aggravated by him
and i know i am loved
i would never want to do this without him
he puts up with me
i am lucky

and our furry kids are such a happy part of our days as a family
feed, water, hug, walk, brush, pet, snuggle, play
they offer us so much unconditional love and attention
coach and mocha are so loved

life is good
through it all we grow and change and adapt and learn
it's all good

Sunday, January 20, 2013

whom shall i fear?

thank you God

Friday, January 18, 2013

Insta FRIDAY {Mocha Style}

Linking up with Jeanette at Life Rearranged
I'm aacurtis on INSTAGRAM.

It's been awhile!
 Busy, busy and no time to blog. booo!
Mocha phone photos from the past few weeks...
oh mochadoodle... she LOVES to be on the bed !
or the couch
as long as she's close to us
she's the curliest girl!
adam has spent lots of time grooming her
she gets tangled up easily with all those CURLS
Isn't she pretty ?!
i think she's officially made herself at home ;)

Sunday, January 6, 2013


meet our newest family member, Mocha 
oh she is so much curly goodness!
sweet, lovable and quite girly. 
it's good to have another female in the house! ;-)
she's still adjusting to us
and coach
and getting showered with oodles of love, treats and play
the boy's are so great 
playful, nurturing, and lovable to their pets

they are feeling pretty lucky to have another pet!

we are all happy to have another doodle doggie to love on

we let her and coach get acquainted slowly throughout the afternoon. 
super happy how well they seem to get along.

i hope they are best buds in no time!

adam gave her a bath tonight
she was in heaven!
her tail was wagging away

 thank you
 main family @ austin labradoodles
 for allowing us to guardian this sweet girl doodle! 
god bless the doodle!!

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