Sunday, January 6, 2013


meet our newest family member, Mocha 
oh she is so much curly goodness!
sweet, lovable and quite girly. 
it's good to have another female in the house! ;-)
she's still adjusting to us
and coach
and getting showered with oodles of love, treats and play
the boy's are so great 
playful, nurturing, and lovable to their pets

they are feeling pretty lucky to have another pet!

we are all happy to have another doodle doggie to love on

we let her and coach get acquainted slowly throughout the afternoon. 
super happy how well they seem to get along.

i hope they are best buds in no time!

adam gave her a bath tonight
she was in heaven!
her tail was wagging away

 thank you
 main family @ austin labradoodles
 for allowing us to guardian this sweet girl doodle! 
god bless the doodle!!

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