Saturday, October 27, 2012

the ugly

you know the saying... the good, the bad, and the ugly?
well this is ugly and real bad

we could play what is not right in this picture?

the boys and a their neighbor friend got into the spray paint in our garage

enhanced the colors of our bushes, trees, plants,
and added a little flare here and there to the sidewalk and driveway.
i know getting down the spray paint was my kids idea
someone actually admitted to it

boys are just overly curious with all that's in dad's garage
and we got lazy with keeping those temptations out of sight, not just out of reach
because they are monkeys and they climb on whatever to get to what they want

they knew not the crime they were committing
thankfully we are friends with all our neighbors so they dodged a big one there

they had a field day with about 5 half full cans of spray paint
leftover from various crafts and such stored on a eight foot high shelf in the garage

this wasn't the first time someone had gotten into spray paint 
so they knew better and i should have locked it up then
we still live and learn everyday at this parenting gig

kids are so precious and fun and and and expensive
did i mention someone even made a J on our neighbor's house
that happens to be the owners first initial
how thoughtful, eh?

and adam's avocado plant he's been growing for a LONG time
painted the leaves a nice dark green

often we wonder WHY?
why they do the things they do
oh yeah, they are little and learning
patience love correction direction prayer 
and lock up the darn spray paint already!

Friday, October 26, 2012


linking up my phone pictures again.
I love all things insta :-)

life rearranged

little boys had lots of fever over the weekend 
sick, fever, tummy aches, fever, sick
blessed they are healthy once again

thanks ernest
good reminders

this boy's been trying
and he is finally tall enough to reach our mailbox
 on the top row
now if i can teach him to put his bike on the kick stand
gotta work on that one

beautiful roses blooming outside church where i attend bsf
amazing and smelled soooo wonderful

cheery orange flowers
bright, standing tall, and smiling at me on my walk into church
 our creator made this beauty! 

ericka has done such a great job updating our outside PTA case at the school
 i've been keeping my cricut machine running cutting out letters
what a good team !

another family photo session CD delivered
success is so sweet!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

sk8ter boy

cooper got a skateboard
he saved his money
daddy helped him get a really good deal on this one at target

he's learning more about how to keep his balance while on wheels

and he is so cool
he already knows to step down hard on one end and catch the other as it pops us

proud of you cooper for earning that skateboard!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

photo book {blurb}

i made this little picture book for the boy's

i picked some of my favorite phone pictures
made sure they were filtered with instagram 
i think instagram makes all pictures great

it's a small  book - just their size
21 color pages
7"x 7" paperback heavy cardstock glossy cover
 i think i'll wrap a bow around it and put it in their stocking

cute, eh? 

and i got it for FREE.
 thank you to Blurb for the promotional code.

check them out here.
great quality! 
Easy to use.

poor little guys were under the weather all weekend
yucky virus
corbin came home from school after just 2 hours on Friday
and cooper came home 1 hour before dismissal time

both of them down for the count
lots of sleeping
little to no eating
and finally a trip to the doctor just to have a look see
 she confirmed it's just a virus
complaints of tummy aches
i do not like to watch my kiddies be sickly
boo hoo

but there is also the quietness it brings
everyone is sleepy, calm, mellow
that part is pretty nice

thankfully now they are on the mend.

Friday, October 19, 2012


linking up with Jeanette at Life Rearranged 
using my iphone pics

life rearranged

so sad to hear about BIG TEX burning down at the state fair ground today in dallas
it's an iconic landmark at the Cotton Bowl... i hope they rebuild!
i have pictures in front of him from years of going to the state fair :)

this boy has become quite the reader
 i've found him "buried" in a book a few times this week 
here he is reading the children's bible and the story of moses

i got to catch up on our scrapbooks last weekend
and see old friends
good times

coop had his annual eye exam
 so thankful my kids aren't scared to go to doctors or the dentist
so brave and curious
his prescription has changed
ordering new glasses

he officially lost his first pair the week before school started
i'm glad they lasted almost a year

in the mood for something pumpkin?
these are gooooood!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


i love all the word posters floating around on facebook and pinterest
joy's hope has been doing these for sunday scripture posts on her blog for a long time
i've pinned many or saved them as images on my phone
i thought i'd share some of my favorites

words are powerful

Friday, October 12, 2012


life rearranged
linking up with life rearranged 
happy insta-friday friends!

we went to the big game saturday
me and my sister
it was such a thrill
we are so lucky to live where we can attend
a game with 100,000+ others
exciting... to say the least!

i've been lucky enough to attend some great college football games in my life
even though i did not attend a big 12 school
nor did anyone in my family
but nonetheless we love college football
and seeing it in person is awesome!

this was the best game and experience i've had
i love the longhorns!
so much gratitude for our friends who gave us the tickets
and kept the boy's all day and night while we played fans!
blessed beyond what we deserve

tammy is definitely NOT a texas fan
but still loves a good football game
and she wanted to cheer for the home team ;)
thanks sister!
and thanks for making the trip to go with me

we got to tailgate with friends from church and their big family
and the bonus of it all
 adam was on the field
working the chains
a member of the officiating crew

and i used my binoculars to keep an eye on him
he was perfectly placed directly across the field
on the visitor side
in a big 12 vest and white hat

we caught this shot on TV while watching the recording
so happy jadam is living the dream
and one step closer to being in stripes on the Big 12 field
way to go bb!!

tam and i were living the dream saturday
besides going to the game
we had buy one get one free starbucks
and heavenly pedicures

texas lost to west virginia
boo hoo
but we still had the best time
and can't wait to go again!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crock-tober {a recipe}

I love to cook in my crock pot.
 isn't it great to throw dinner in at 7 am and not worry about it until dinner time?
 i use mine for slow cooking meat.
 roast or pulled pork, chicken breast
 taco soup, vegetable beef stew, chili.

my new favorite is seasoned pork butt
found this one at walmart 

opened the package with scissors
placed it in the crock pot, put the lid on
and cooked it on high for 6-7 hours
in my handy dandy crock pot
easy as that!
didn't add a thing.

turned it once after 4 hours
when it was done took it out onto a platter
and shredded it with two forks
threw together some sweet and tangy cool cole slaw

3/4 cup mayo
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp dry mustard
2 TBS white vinegar
stir until well mixed
then add in 1 pkg of precut slaw
chill for an hour

warmed up some small flour tortillas
and made 
pulled pork and slaw tacos

easy and inexpensive meal
takes about 5-10 minutes to prepare


try it and let me know what you think.
happy crocktober!
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