Friday, October 5, 2012


linking up my instagram phone pics again this week with jeanette at life rearranged.
i'm aacurtis on instagram!

life rearranged

super stoked about this weekend
my sister is coming to town tonight
 we are going to the big game tomorrow
 adam will be on the field working the chains... yipppeeee
 Hook 'Em Horns!!
the boy's ride to school with me just making the block around them in the car
to make sure they stop at the stop sign
 it's 2 blocks away
 in the neighborhood
they have some good friends on the street to ride with as well
but i'm not ready to let them go alone

have to remember to get this little PIG some food today
isn't he cute?
time to clip those nails too. GEEZ!

adam had a game this week 2 miles from our house
that never happens
so me and the boys went to the game
hometown football in texas!
too bad the home team lost.
but we always like seeing him in stripes on the field

it's been a year now
since he got shot
it's all still so hard to imagine 
we will never stop thanking God for sparing Ronnie and keeping him here 
he is a blessing and inspiration to us all
a living breathing miracle

blessings to all!

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