Monday, October 1, 2012

i want to remember

i want to remember... what a great weekend it was.
saturday was rainy and relaxing. i went for coffee with a friend, then on to a scrapbook crop until late that night. sunday we over slept but still made it to church early. 8:05 am! better than ON TIME :-) adam ushered and we both served communion together. wow... what a great experience. i'm so thankful my husband pulls me out of my comfort zone sometimes. i loved it! what a holy "close to Christ" moment. jesus' blood shed for you, jesus' blood shed for you.
i don't have a picture of us, but we looked pretty awesome in our coordinated outfits as well. red is our color babe!

i want to remember... how fun it was to watch Corbin play soccer this spring. i hope he wants to play again next year. i got his pictures scrapbooked. 

i want to remember... that through what feels like a real challenge in parenting i've come to rely on Him more and trust Him to guide us through the ups and downs. He hears our prayers. we've gotten creative. it seems to be a good thing. God is on our side. 
 thank goodness!! 
what doesn't kill us makes us STRONGER :)

i want to remember... how fun and chill the boy's were at an after school swim playdate with the conway's and clark's last week. they are so big acting sometimes. and fun to watch.
i love being mom to such great little guys. god is good. 

i want to remember... just how blessed we are to have so many great neighbor friends. never any shortage of someone to play with. legos, beyblades, bike riding. these really are the best of days for these little guys. one day they will all be men with jobs and families to support, and little time to hang in the driveway playing with legos for hours and hours together. :)
i want to remember... how beautiful the sunset was on my way to ladies reunion group last night. i had another couple hours away to fellowship with my sunday school friends. a break from parenthood. it was nice. better than nice, it was GREAT. 

i want to remember... to never stop asking God to show me my passions!

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