Friday, October 26, 2012


linking up my phone pictures again.
I love all things insta :-)

life rearranged

little boys had lots of fever over the weekend 
sick, fever, tummy aches, fever, sick
blessed they are healthy once again

thanks ernest
good reminders

this boy's been trying
and he is finally tall enough to reach our mailbox
 on the top row
now if i can teach him to put his bike on the kick stand
gotta work on that one

beautiful roses blooming outside church where i attend bsf
amazing and smelled soooo wonderful

cheery orange flowers
bright, standing tall, and smiling at me on my walk into church
 our creator made this beauty! 

ericka has done such a great job updating our outside PTA case at the school
 i've been keeping my cricut machine running cutting out letters
what a good team !

another family photo session CD delivered
success is so sweet!

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