Saturday, October 27, 2012

the ugly

you know the saying... the good, the bad, and the ugly?
well this is ugly and real bad

we could play what is not right in this picture?

the boys and a their neighbor friend got into the spray paint in our garage

enhanced the colors of our bushes, trees, plants,
and added a little flare here and there to the sidewalk and driveway.
i know getting down the spray paint was my kids idea
someone actually admitted to it

boys are just overly curious with all that's in dad's garage
and we got lazy with keeping those temptations out of sight, not just out of reach
because they are monkeys and they climb on whatever to get to what they want

they knew not the crime they were committing
thankfully we are friends with all our neighbors so they dodged a big one there

they had a field day with about 5 half full cans of spray paint
leftover from various crafts and such stored on a eight foot high shelf in the garage

this wasn't the first time someone had gotten into spray paint 
so they knew better and i should have locked it up then
we still live and learn everyday at this parenting gig

kids are so precious and fun and and and expensive
did i mention someone even made a J on our neighbor's house
that happens to be the owners first initial
how thoughtful, eh?

and adam's avocado plant he's been growing for a LONG time
painted the leaves a nice dark green

often we wonder WHY?
why they do the things they do
oh yeah, they are little and learning
patience love correction direction prayer 
and lock up the darn spray paint already!

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