Tuesday, October 2, 2012


the boys started karate a month ago
i love their unform... i think it's called their karate gi.

this week they learned to spar

oh these two certainly know how to "spar"
now to learn how to do it karate style :)

i had to laugh at the huge smile on Corbin's face the whole time
these boys are born to wrestle and fight

look at cooper's kick... on his tippy toes
whoa!!! he's got skills!
there are lots of rules
and they have to listen and practice a lot
one wrong "hit"in the wrong area means disqualified in a tournament

i think cooper got a little aggressive with noah
he had to take a knee while the referee made sure noah was alright

cooper clocked him in the neck
after noah popped cooper in the nose
oh my!
karate encourages good posture, self control, good listening skills 
coach makes them do push ups if they don't make their beds on karate day
 i like it a lot!!
and so far the boy's do too

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