Wednesday, August 31, 2011

random wednesday

thankful for His answers!

today... is a laundry kind of day.

giving this clock my mom gave us a bright and colorful face lift. i love pops of red in the house. spray paint is so gratifying.
... signing the boys up for their first team sport experience. t-ball!
i am hoping this will be a sport they both enjoy. their daddy says only until they are old enough to start lacrosse.
and later today when the boys get home from school i'll resume building lego men with them at the kitchen table. and enjoy listening to them reveal more and more about what they are learning.
have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

faith like potatoes

a friend recommended this movie to Adam.
a great, inspirational true story!
i want to watch it again with the boys.

"Heaven is for Real"... have you read this? wow! a seriously powerful story.

"Still Alice"... really touching, and sad.
for some reason I couldn't put it down.

adam laughed when i came home with such a big stack of books for myself.
i hadn't read anything other than "The Help", "Radical", "Crazy Love", and my bible this year. but i am on a reading kick again. finished two books in one week. onto "The Glass Castle" now.
i'd love to hear any recommendations you have for a good read??
we took the boys to the roller skating rink on Saturday. this was a first for them.
they did really well!
such a fun idea little cooper had. we all worked up a big sweat.
my arms and shoulders were super sore on sunday.
all that couples skating, i guess :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

crayon wreath {teacher gift}

i saw a picture of this idea on flickr.
so cute, right?!
and i needed a teacher gift last Friday for Coop's teacher's birthday.
lucky for me i had everything on hand... including boxes and boxes of crayons.

i started by spraying painting the embroidery hoops black.
once dry i placed the small one inside the large one and started hot gluing crayons to the hoops. a little tricky to keep them all straight and in a circle.
but it worked.
then i tied ribbon around two crayons in the center and made a bow.
and added another long ribbon tied at the top into a bow for hanging.
i used my cricut to cut out the teacher's name.

mrs. grim loved it. score!

my first teacher gift was a success. cooper told her when she unwrapped it "my mommy made it."

Friday, August 26, 2011


whew! we made it.
week one of kindergarten.

we are adjusting... slowly
the boy's come home, eat a snack and want to play with their Legos the rest of the day.

i've been reading. crafting. sewing. cleaning. grocery shopping... solo.
it's really quiet around here. i miss my little boy tribe during the day.
the break is nice too.

i love the instagram app. here's another slew of pics from the week... taken with my phone.

i made this for Cooper's teacher's birthday today. she loved it.
wishing everyone a great weekend! make it AWESOME.

Monday, August 22, 2011

our weekend

my mom and Ray visited us over the weekend. it was so fun and relaxing. the boys sure had fun hanging with their memaw and pops. they hardly left mom's side.
on saturday i made beef enchiladas and cheesecake.
sunday after church we went to cracker barrel for lunch.
then walked around cabela's next door to see all the animals.
mom and i went to see The Help. we loved it! as good as the book. we cried, and ate lots of popcorn. it was special getting to spend the afternoon just me and mom.
we were sad to see them leave monday morning after taking the boys to school.
i sure wish we all lived closer.
love you mom!

*****big day*****

my babies are off to their first day of school this morning.
they did great.
so great!
i cried leaving cooper's classroom.
but fought hard on the way to corbin's to regain my composure.
it was as hard to leave them today, as it was the first time i ever left them.
bittersweet day.
they each found their seats, and got busy coloring.
we walked back by cooper's room on our way out, and he had already cut out his name from the center of the paper, and was busy gluing the paper back together... using just a little glue instead of the massive amounts he used to love to squirt out everywhere.
we are such proud parents.
so crazy about our big boys.
and going a little nuts waiting for time to pick them up.
i wonder if i packed enough in their lunch, are they making friends yet, minding their teacher, using their manners, having fun?
i'm sure tomorrow and each day after this will get easier.
maybe by wednesday i can be productive while they are in school instead of just wanting to crawl back in bed to cry, or drive around the school yard hoping to catch them having a good time at recess.

mom and Ray were here for the weekend. i was so happy my mom got to come with us this morning, and snap lots of pictures of us together as a little family. these pictures are priceless! thanks mom
today was a big day...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the Teacher {Kindergarten}

Corbin's face says it all... HAPPY & EXCITED! we were all ready for back to school night. meeting their teachers. seeing their classrooms.
we showed up a few minutes early to a LONG line outside the school of other anxious families ready to meet their teachers, and take those bags of school supplies to their classroom.
the boys tested to qualify for the dual-language program back in early May.
they each have a different homeroom teacher, and a Spanish teacher.
we love their teachers!!! huge warm smiles, welcoming, sweet, interested, organized. it's gonna be a great year. so excited for this milestone in my boy's lives.
the boys were pretty smitten right away.
the classrooms are so bright and colorful. exactly what I pictured in my head.
cooper's teacher is mrs. grimm, and mrs. chitta for spanish. corbin's is miss cappadona, and mrs. ueckert for spanish.
neither boy was ready to leave after spending 45 minutes exploring all 4 classrooms, and chatting with their teachers.
i'm as excited as they are for Monday to get here! weeeeee!
cooper keeps asking me if it's time to leave for school.

it's gonna be a great year! (oops, did i already say that) i can just feel it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

one week from today...

the boys start kindergarten! yay!! whaa!
mixed emotions for sure.
mostly happy emotions. i know they will love it.this weekend we've turned off the tv and video games. they are learning to write their names. they are doing really well!
corbin is a true lefty. cooper is still switching between hands. he wrote this completely left handed.
i finished halle and addison's nap mats for preschool. their mom loved them. whew!
i still get a little nervous about custom projects.

off to enjoy our last week of summer break!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

colored bubbles...

oh my

and when you get tired of blowing bubbles this happens...

these boys.
never afraid of getting messy. always having fun.
all boy.
all mine ♥

Monday, August 8, 2011


adam took the boys bowling on saturday. it was their first time.
and it was on our list of summer fun. yay!
they had a BLAST! corbin got the only two strikes of the games. that boy!
daddy took pictures with his phone. cooper asked dad to take a picture of their shoes. he knew mom would LOVE that!
ahh my boys. they are just so great.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Insta Friday

happy friday! new short hair do! ♥
quiet time alone with a starbucks and my computer ♥
hi Coach ♥
breakfast from my hubby... he know exactly how i like my eggs. ♥
a rare bubble bath ♥
oh how i wish this was true. but coffee is good.
still getting used to my new look. i know i look like my momma. ♥

linking up with life rearranged
life rearranged
these are all cell phone pics from the week. boys were with their nana. i spent most of my free time on the computer. being pampered by my husband. we celebrate 7 years of marriage this sunday. lucky me!
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