Tuesday, August 30, 2011

faith like potatoes

a friend recommended this movie to Adam.
a great, inspirational true story!
i want to watch it again with the boys.

"Heaven is for Real"... have you read this? wow! a seriously powerful story.

"Still Alice"... really touching, and sad.
for some reason I couldn't put it down.

adam laughed when i came home with such a big stack of books for myself.
i hadn't read anything other than "The Help", "Radical", "Crazy Love", and my bible this year. but i am on a reading kick again. finished two books in one week. onto "The Glass Castle" now.
i'd love to hear any recommendations you have for a good read??
we took the boys to the roller skating rink on Saturday. this was a first for them.
they did really well!
such a fun idea little cooper had. we all worked up a big sweat.
my arms and shoulders were super sore on sunday.
all that couples skating, i guess :)

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