Thursday, February 28, 2013

good bye february...

goodbye shortest month of the year...
hello spring
geez time flies

we've had some crazy weather days lately
warm then cool
windy then cloudy
then a few drops of rain

we need rain

my aunt alice sent this picture last week...
so much SNOW in oklahoma
......meanwhile in the south
spring weather is abundant
we're lucky like that :)
my gardener has been busy
200+ onion bulbs ;)
our little SPURS had their last basketball game of the season Saturday
i hope they play again, year after year
i'll never get tired of watching my boys play sports
i read this recently...
 Our boys are built to be manly, but they're just young and untaught. Manly virtues like competitiveness, aggression, a desire for adventure. Messy, scary ideas, courage, endurance, fortitude, noisy.
God made this little boy energetic so one day he can go out and conquer the world.
Or at least, one day he'll have the gumption to support his family, minister his church, be a pillar in his community. Right now, he just needs to learn some self control.
there is no treatment for being a little boy.
We've got to teach them how to submit to authority without destryoing their leadership.
so grateful to be momma to two fierce little warriors!
prayerful for a pure heart as i mother them
with loads of patience, love, training and support
 and when one of them writes us a letter like this
i almost want to eat them up
so blessed to be loved by him

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

life around here

what's new with you?
life around here is busy
school, work, basketball, church, karate, garden, lacrosse
feels like we are almost always on the move
we joined the local produce co-op a few weeks ago
 a big basket full of fruit and veggies for $15

 photo DSC_0012-1.jpg
we ate all the fruit; but had a hard time getting through all those tomatoes and celery
boys are playing basketball this winter
it's so fun to watch

cooper has great ball control

corbin is a go getter and gets lots of rebounds
team of 5
justin, carter, cooper, corbin, & georgia
they call themselves the SPURS
3 on 3
high school players for coaches
city league
it's been fun
i've sure enjoyed watching them play :)

this little cutie lost both his front teeth within a week or so
no more snaggle tooth corbin mocha doodle is still doodle as can be
she fits in with the family perfectly
she and coach LOVE each other,
and have so much fun wrestling and chasing and playing together
adam is working hard on planting our spring garden
i love to put down "gardening" as one of my hobbies
but really it's not mine at all
all HIS
but i like watching him plant it and i like planning with him
well, at least i like to watch it grow and eat it :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

these guys

what a smile! 
a natural beauty
complete with a few scratches here and there
i love when he is happy about the
 camera in his face
yesterday he got new shoes
 he looks good in RED
this cutie boy is such a big help caring for our pets
 he held pig pig while i cut his nails yesterday the boy's got a new bible story book and devotional from my mom in the mail corbin is always up for a good read :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Insta grams

hello InstaFriday
Below is a dump from my phone for the past week or two. my handsome boy dressed UP for picture day
he's such a super star
i saw this picture online
saved it to my phone
absolutely adorable doggie

this cracks me up
i can relate

he is about to loose his second front tooth any day
he made his hat
ground hog day is so cool!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The 10 Commandments

Adam challenged the boys to learn the 10 commandments.
They praticed after school for a few weeks, using their children's bibles.
So the version is not exact to the version we probably learned as children.
Not quite as many 'thou shall's'. :)
A few nights ago Corbin was finally ready to recite them for his $20 reward.
And while snuggling and reading books in our bed before bedtime.
I videotaped him. he's on youtube now. sharing the good news!
Isn't he so cute?!
Cooper is almost ready to recite soon!!
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