Monday, May 27, 2013

Backyard Garden update

watching the garden grow is really fun
we have three raised beds in our backyard
and lots of container plants as well

the best part of gardening is finally getting to harvest your plants!
the boys and dogs don't want to miss out on any of that!

this week we've harvested a lot of potatoes 

each plant has produced about 10 potatoes

 blackberry bush

and our blackberry bush is covered in berries
we've started picking about 5-10 a day

i have to hide them from the boys so i can get enough to make something

the basil is growing nice
it's time to make some pesto

the strawberry plants are getting nice and big with lots of berries
we just have to keep the birds out of them now

squash plants are so HUGE
we've harvested two so far

and yellow squash


tomatoes are slowly showing up


there's one pickle size cucumber so far

they still have awhile yet 

we've had some great rain events this spring
thank goodness
it's really helped our garden grow

Saturday, May 25, 2013


my baby
our baby
he made us parents
our first gift
came in a package deal
we are so lucky


cooper p
cooper peyton
baby A
coop soup

he teaches us so much about patience, faith, love, being yourself 
super determined
a wild one

 and so fiercely loved
this precious child
we prayed
and planned
for our coop
we pray 
and rely
on God 
to help us
raise him

this smile 
will open your heart deep and wide with joy and love
love so much it hurts

oh how lucky
 to be his parents




oh so happy
riding his bike in the rain

walking on the wild side
saturday morning 
carefree living

it's so cool to just be 7

blurry photo... big deal
there's that smile

slushee from sonic
josie's froyo
ice cream

playing outside
riding his bike
digging in the dirt
catching lizards
hide and go seek

48" tall
66 pounds
has lost 5 teeth
and has another loose tooth today
left handed
perfect attendance this year
1st place in karate tourny
in need of new glasses STAT

brown eyed
sweet child

you are loved!
we are so proud of you
so happy to share this life with you
it's humbling to be your parents
thank you for just being you

Friday, May 24, 2013


life rearranged

linking up the jeannett again this week at life rearranged
yay for INSTAGRAM Friday's!!

Friday after work i took the boys for froyo
it's our favorite treat

saturday morning i had a grocery store helper
he was loading up on kiwi
in the afternoon we took the kiddos to san antonio for their final tournament of the season
and as an orange belt

there is a lot of waiting involved
but the kids are pretty used to it now
they first call the kids to the mats from the stands by age groups
then they line all the kids in the age groups by height
one day this boy will probably be last in line in his age group
he's a tall one

noah and skyler road with us to the tourny
we had two first place winners and two second place winners
good job kiddos!
sunday afternoon after church, lunch and naps we headed to the silvert's for a swim
the kids played in the water for hours
we had a yummy pizza dinner
and called the weekend a wrap
our favorite team advanced in the playoffs
getting closer to another championship!!
oh the sadness of this tragedy
i'm an okie
this happened in my home state
 too close to family
but thankfully they are all safe and sound
much prayer and love for all that are displaced and have lost so much
these two are really into their DS these days
daddy put some tunes on there
a few summers ago
on a plane
anniversary trip
dreaming of another one day
just he and i
they lingered with us a little longer this morning
not wanting to leave for school
wanted me to walk with them
lots of kisses bye and "love you's"

i'm always praying for their safety, comfort and well being when we are apart
and that they learn, place nice, get along, and stay out of the principal's office
oh geez

happy friday!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

photo shoot fun

a few weeks ago i had a fun early morning indoor photo shoot at the boy's school
as celebration for our annual moment with mom at school

it began with beautiful bright balloons at 6am in the dark 
in the school cafeteria

corbin, brian and myself set up food and the balloons in about 45 minutes
then started serving and taking pictures at 7 am

 i sat up a 4 dozen balloon backdrop

then photographed about 180 kids with their mom during a Moment with Mom photoshoot
that only lasted 45 minutes
seriously long lines from the cafeteria to the 1st grade hall
photographing sleepy headed kiddos and their hurried, tired moms at 7:30 am is actually pretty cruel
but everyone worked hard for a few seconds to hold their eyes open a little wider and smile a lot bigger
such lovable families

it was a CRAZY early morning
but in the end turned out to be so fun
and the pics turned out super duper cute

then i left the school for my annual dr appt down the road at 8:30
then picked Cooper up at school at 10
then we took Mocha to her ultrasound at 11
30 miles away
then had lunch at whataburger 
and a date at the bowling alley until 2
 made it back just in time to pick up corbin from school

the next morning we loaded up a car load of 5 boys and celebrated the boy's birthday 
and kept 4 boys for a sleep over
got them all up and dressed for church by 7:30 am Sunday morning

CRAZY weeekend

Friday, May 17, 2013


linking up with jeannett at life rearranged
life rearranged  
i'm aacurtis on INSTAGRAM if you want to follow me there

i still love documenting little life moments that make up our days together
i've heard lots of reminders this week from momma's who are out of the littles phase to cherish these "little guys" while we can. enjoy the games we get to play together, tucking them in at bedtime, even if it's 2-3 times, family dinners together every night, field trips and school programs.
one day it will be gone :( and that day will come too fast i'm sure 

a little Star Wars Guess Who with the boys before bed is always fun
typically i dread being asked to play a game at 7:30pm on a school night
but this one is really fun, so i don't mind playing 2-3 rounds

i was so proud of the boys for writing thank you cards for birthday gifts only a week after their birthday - and as i struggled to read what they wrote i decided to do the family a favor and translate on the empty space.

my honey supporting his team today
he's had this jersey FOREVER
and wanted to wear it to work on casual friday
i think he pulled it off nicely

i love blue clothes
and black clothes
i need to add some more color to my rotation
some pretty little color in our yard
lantana, weed, who knows, and marigolds

someone got a summer haircut

this boy
he's 7 going 15
loves having his own room
is a total neatner like his momma
and is really digging his new disco ball light
and guiness book he picked out on amazon

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

i want to remember

whew... it's been awhile since i've given the blog much love
for the few of you that hung around to still read
here's an update
of sorts

the days just whirl together so fast and busy
the hours we are away from home during the week is SAD
i miss being at home 95% of the day

i want to remember
two days after turning just 7 Corbin went in the kitchen on Saturday while we were outside doing the garage sale and made his own sandwich with no guidance or supervision
his sandwich = hamburger bun, fresh spinach, turkey, sliced roma tomato and sliced cucumber. (he also did the slicing. i'm sure no washing, or peeling was involved)
he ate the whole thing

i want to remember
having a garage sale; our first in about 3 years
selling a recliner for $25, sofa sleeper for $55, queen size bed with new frame for $60.
we GAVE lots away
it felt good

i want ro remember
this cake we made the boys (adam's idea)
the night after their birthday
adam got creative with the candles we had on hand
4+3 = 7 :-)

i want to remember
watching 4 episodes of little couple with cooper saturday night
and corbin going to bed at 6:30

i want to remember
waking up to momma's day cards
with my kids handwriting on them
starbuck's gift cards
pampering by adam
love all my boys so much

i want to remember
all the cards and birthday love our kids received from our family
they are blessed with lots of great uncles, aunts and grandparents

i want to remember
all the precious homemade mother's day gifts

i want to remember
all the rain we've had this spring
our garden is amazing
blackberries are finally turning red

i taste some homemade blackberry ice cream in the near future

we harvested our first potato plant
guess it's not quite time

i want to remember
sunday school on mother's day
how my husband lead us down a cool path of sharing about our moms
so many touching memories shared, swollen hearts for how much we love our moms
and our children
and how much more grace we can give now that we are mothers
the laughs, the tears
so blessed to know and bond with some great great peeps
even if most of them we only get to see on Sundays

i want to remember
adam taking pics of me and my boyz
on mother's day
outside at salt lick while we waited for our to go BBQ lunch

I want to ALWAYS remember
how very blessed i am
we are

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