Friday, May 24, 2013


life rearranged

linking up the jeannett again this week at life rearranged
yay for INSTAGRAM Friday's!!

Friday after work i took the boys for froyo
it's our favorite treat

saturday morning i had a grocery store helper
he was loading up on kiwi
in the afternoon we took the kiddos to san antonio for their final tournament of the season
and as an orange belt

there is a lot of waiting involved
but the kids are pretty used to it now
they first call the kids to the mats from the stands by age groups
then they line all the kids in the age groups by height
one day this boy will probably be last in line in his age group
he's a tall one

noah and skyler road with us to the tourny
we had two first place winners and two second place winners
good job kiddos!
sunday afternoon after church, lunch and naps we headed to the silvert's for a swim
the kids played in the water for hours
we had a yummy pizza dinner
and called the weekend a wrap
our favorite team advanced in the playoffs
getting closer to another championship!!
oh the sadness of this tragedy
i'm an okie
this happened in my home state
 too close to family
but thankfully they are all safe and sound
much prayer and love for all that are displaced and have lost so much
these two are really into their DS these days
daddy put some tunes on there
a few summers ago
on a plane
anniversary trip
dreaming of another one day
just he and i
they lingered with us a little longer this morning
not wanting to leave for school
wanted me to walk with them
lots of kisses bye and "love you's"

i'm always praying for their safety, comfort and well being when we are apart
and that they learn, place nice, get along, and stay out of the principal's office
oh geez

happy friday!

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