Friday, May 17, 2013


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i still love documenting little life moments that make up our days together
i've heard lots of reminders this week from momma's who are out of the littles phase to cherish these "little guys" while we can. enjoy the games we get to play together, tucking them in at bedtime, even if it's 2-3 times, family dinners together every night, field trips and school programs.
one day it will be gone :( and that day will come too fast i'm sure 

a little Star Wars Guess Who with the boys before bed is always fun
typically i dread being asked to play a game at 7:30pm on a school night
but this one is really fun, so i don't mind playing 2-3 rounds

i was so proud of the boys for writing thank you cards for birthday gifts only a week after their birthday - and as i struggled to read what they wrote i decided to do the family a favor and translate on the empty space.

my honey supporting his team today
he's had this jersey FOREVER
and wanted to wear it to work on casual friday
i think he pulled it off nicely

i love blue clothes
and black clothes
i need to add some more color to my rotation
some pretty little color in our yard
lantana, weed, who knows, and marigolds

someone got a summer haircut

this boy
he's 7 going 15
loves having his own room
is a total neatner like his momma
and is really digging his new disco ball light
and guiness book he picked out on amazon

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