Wednesday, May 1, 2013


our little 1st graders had to make a Diorama
they are learning to research
they checked out a book at the library about an animal of their choosing
learned some cool facts about said animal
and tried to recreate their environment in a little Diorama

I covered old shoe boxes in white paper for them
 bought some moss from hobby lobby and hot glued it down
adam made cooper's way cool clay IGUANA
cause, a plastic iguana is hard to find

little corbin chose a COBRA snake
and luckily we found one that worked at dollar tree

they gathered some weeds, flowers, rocks from outside and added them
we typed up 5 or 6 facts about each animal and taped it on the box


i admit i probably did too much of this for them
i'm learning

hello big kid

these boys have grown SO MUCH this year

1 comment:

  1. Such serious concentration and stylin' attire ensemble in that last image!


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