Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oh Mocha!

 is having babies

she just turned two on May 6th

cooper and i got to take her for the first ultrasound two weeks ago

she was 4 weeks along
barely showing, in my opinion

we didn't stop and count each one, but saw sack after sack with little doggie inside
vet said she's definitely pregnant
we take her for an x-ray and puppy count in a few days

she had 12 her last litter
which was her first litter

her due date is June 5th 
the last day of school
(ha... that was my original due date with the boys as well)

we will hand her off to the Main's probably around the 3rd or 4th

they care for her and the puppies
then at 4 weeks we can visit her/them
and at 5 she can come home

we will miss her so much
poor coach will be so lonely

can't wait to see all her pups

just 3 more weeks
corbin says there will be boys and girls to choose from :)

 she loves adam
and sits very still while he trims her FLUFF
he can fill up the tub with curls of hair

we need sheep shears!

love you moke

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