Sunday, May 19, 2013

photo shoot fun

a few weeks ago i had a fun early morning indoor photo shoot at the boy's school
as celebration for our annual moment with mom at school

it began with beautiful bright balloons at 6am in the dark 
in the school cafeteria

corbin, brian and myself set up food and the balloons in about 45 minutes
then started serving and taking pictures at 7 am

 i sat up a 4 dozen balloon backdrop

then photographed about 180 kids with their mom during a Moment with Mom photoshoot
that only lasted 45 minutes
seriously long lines from the cafeteria to the 1st grade hall
photographing sleepy headed kiddos and their hurried, tired moms at 7:30 am is actually pretty cruel
but everyone worked hard for a few seconds to hold their eyes open a little wider and smile a lot bigger
such lovable families

it was a CRAZY early morning
but in the end turned out to be so fun
and the pics turned out super duper cute

then i left the school for my annual dr appt down the road at 8:30
then picked Cooper up at school at 10
then we took Mocha to her ultrasound at 11
30 miles away
then had lunch at whataburger 
and a date at the bowling alley until 2
 made it back just in time to pick up corbin from school

the next morning we loaded up a car load of 5 boys and celebrated the boy's birthday 
and kept 4 boys for a sleep over
got them all up and dressed for church by 7:30 am Sunday morning

CRAZY weeekend

1 comment:

  1. Balloon background ... what a fun idea! Looks like you got a bunch of good shots in spite of the early morning hours.


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