Thursday, May 9, 2013

celebrating 7

we had fun celebrating the boy's birthday this year
 it was a non party year
instead we let the boys each choose a friend to hang with us for the day

cooper, alex, dylan, corbin & travis

they picked indoor go karting, Gatti Town for lunch and games, and a short trip to the park for some exploring
we also made a stop at the donut shop for breakfast

strapped in, geared up, and holding on TIGHT
he almost forgot to put down his shield

corbin was a little nervous
i think he kept having questions and was afraid he would forget which side was the gas/brake

he sat out
but next time i think he's gonna give it a SPIN

travis zuniga was a pro
he cruised around the track 

little dylan hung out with us big kids

his big brother alex was focused and pretty fast

cooper was cautious but had fun being the driver
12 lap around

 we had pizza buffet for lunch
and each boy got a $10 card to spend in the game room

the bumper cars at Gatti Town were FUN
good times
alex and cooper rode them 3-4 times

I'd say it was a pretty great day
boys had loads of fun
sharing a day being spoiled
with their friends

happy birthday big Coop Corb!

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