Thursday, September 27, 2012

a work in progress

I'm changing my header... again! sorry.  making changes and updates.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

glorious days

spinning themselves silly
very dizzy

someone got the hang of the monkey bars
he looks like he's running in air 

this monkey got the hang climbing the rock
i tried... it's HARD to do!
we love the new park we found
just a few miles from home
i love having boys!
these boys are so energetic, curious, talkative, smart, athletic, adventurous, silly, brave, strong
and handsome like their daddy :)

 i really love this new song i heard this morning
have you heard it?

God You are My God
all the earth will shout your praise
victorious, glorious

the vertical church band

what a great way to start the new day!

Monday, September 17, 2012

hello new week

i love a new week

and i love these two

our latest free iphone game addiction
if you like music try it out
i'll play with you... i'm aacurtis

adam won by 1 point!

the space shuttle being flown over Austin
cool picture someone posted on facebook
history baby

week two of karate
we like it a lot
discipline, rules, strength training, self defense, posture
it's all good

little monkey finally lost his other front tooth
it was painful
snaggle tooth cute

adam was on TV thursday night
hello football season!
he's a line judge not linesman
seeing him on the screen live is pretty darn cool
i can get used to that

it's still september... not even october
i'm already sneaking candy corn

a fuzzy phone picture
but still a beautiful little girl
i love dylann elise
she loves me too... she told me this week... we are gonna get married :)

what a little blessing she is... we ALL have a huge place in our heart for DD
she's like the little sister the boy's don't have
the little girl we don't have
corbin looks out for her! adores her so much.
we all love her oodles and oodles!
but then again everyone loves D... she's sweeter than pie and prettier than a princess

hope you have a good week too!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

{Fall Mini Session Flyer}

It's that great picture taking time of year once again!
the fall weather makes it so nice to take outside pictures.
i sent this out via email to my contacts. 
feel free to share this link with your friends and family as well.
Book early for a discount!

Update the family photo.Perfect for Christmas cards!
i look forward to capturing your family, Amanda 

Friday, September 14, 2012

horseback riding

last Sunday the boy's got to go horseback riding...
their first time!

i'm so thankful for these pictures
since i was at the church giving my third africa presentation

looks like he is having a good time
such a pretty horse
i remember riding horses for the first time when i was closer to 10. 
they are so strong and brave!
 this boy is so handsome

thank you medlin's for a fun time riding your horses!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


i talked to my sister in law today
it had been too long
made me miss africa more
we have that bond now
i love love love that

i knew it was a good idea for her to go
with me
who is going next year?
hmmm, i wonder

we already have dates from kelly green global
for 2013
i kid you not
the trip is for one week or two
i wish it was 10 days long, but i could  
handle 14 days

someone has been a really good boy
at school
so he earned a BIG surprise

a new bigger bike
i think he likes it

golly he looks so grown up
he's tall
and a cutie pie

coloring in their room after school
i'm all for anything that isn't video games all afternoon
which is more typical then this
so i had to take a picture

it's been a good day!

Monday, September 10, 2012

furry friends

Animals are such agreeable friends
they ask no questions;
they pass no criticisms.
george eliot

 our guinea pig
we adopted him from a friend moving back to Asia
he's pretty sweet, kinda noisy, and overall a pretty low maintenance pet
i always think of the guinea's in the movie G-Force when i look at him :)

and of course Coach
our labradoodle
half labrador, and half full size poodle
he turns two this month

we rescued him when he was 10 months old
he's got the good life around here
we're pretty crazy about him

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

weekend get away

we went on a long weekend getaway with the long's 
kids and mommies

first stop was brenham, tx 
 home of the first blue bell ice creamery 

we toured the facility, watching them package ice cream 
and ended the tour with a scoop of ice cream
 in the ice cream parlor 
{no pictures were allowed during the tour}

monkey 1 and 2

ericka and me
i love this girl

our little gang of kidlets

blue bell flowers

cooper and corbin got mint chocolate chip
noah and skyler got cotton candy 
dylann's is pink, must be strawberry something

then we ate lunch at the little nearby airport 
kids got to see lots of small planes take off and land
 the food was pretty good too

  then to officially wear them out
we hit the amazing brenham aquatic center.

very safe with lifeguards walking around everywhere by the pools and in the them.
 the kids could almost all touch anywhere they swam. 

 corbin and noah were even tall enough to go down the big water slide
he looks so little walking beside that big slide
i'm glad he was tall enough

 great place for family swimming! 
we will definitely try to go back next summer

 day 1 completely worn out 

 next day we hit the houston children's museum 
neat place with lots to see 

then we took the kids swimming again for a few hours 
had a yummy dinner at chili's
 compliments of auntie fee fee 
complete with a heavenly dessert 
then relaxed watching the olympics in bed 
next day we hung at home all day 
had a big family lunch then a late night DQ treat 
a great little weekend away 
we are blessed by our friends!
thank you long's :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

a visit to mom's

me and the boys went to my mom's for a week early last month

i thought the house looked so pretty.... i couldn't resist taking some photos
{and i had to try out my new camera}

 the windows in the front are my favorite feature
 i love all the natural light it let's inside... you'll see

the new landscape is a nice burst of greenery and color
it's a pretty house

they've done some recent renovations
to make things more accessible for my brother
i especially like the new front door

hello you!
{he enjoyed an early morning bike ride while i took pictures}

windows all across the front
love a lot

smaller lighter door
the red color is classic 

a new additional entrance/exit for safety purposes

a token rooster in the yard 
my mom loves roosters. 
i do too :)
i was so afraid the boy's would mess around, 
and accidently break one of these jugs
 thankfully we left them intact
way to go guys!

eating in the rooster filled breakfast room
the boy's counted like 20 or more :)

living room lounging around
they were so comfy at their grandma's house

hallway to Ronnie's room

so thankful Ronnie can stay with Mom and Ray for now
he is doing so well in his recovery

God is good! 

we miss you already!!

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