Monday, September 17, 2012

hello new week

i love a new week

and i love these two

our latest free iphone game addiction
if you like music try it out
i'll play with you... i'm aacurtis

adam won by 1 point!

the space shuttle being flown over Austin
cool picture someone posted on facebook
history baby

week two of karate
we like it a lot
discipline, rules, strength training, self defense, posture
it's all good

little monkey finally lost his other front tooth
it was painful
snaggle tooth cute

adam was on TV thursday night
hello football season!
he's a line judge not linesman
seeing him on the screen live is pretty darn cool
i can get used to that

it's still september... not even october
i'm already sneaking candy corn

a fuzzy phone picture
but still a beautiful little girl
i love dylann elise
she loves me too... she told me this week... we are gonna get married :)

what a little blessing she is... we ALL have a huge place in our heart for DD
she's like the little sister the boy's don't have
the little girl we don't have
corbin looks out for her! adores her so much.
we all love her oodles and oodles!
but then again everyone loves D... she's sweeter than pie and prettier than a princess

hope you have a good week too!

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