Tuesday, September 4, 2012

weekend get away

we went on a long weekend getaway with the long's 
kids and mommies

first stop was brenham, tx 
 home of the first blue bell ice creamery 

we toured the facility, watching them package ice cream 
and ended the tour with a scoop of ice cream
 in the ice cream parlor 
{no pictures were allowed during the tour}

monkey 1 and 2

ericka and me
i love this girl

our little gang of kidlets

blue bell flowers

cooper and corbin got mint chocolate chip
noah and skyler got cotton candy 
dylann's is pink, must be strawberry something

then we ate lunch at the little nearby airport 
kids got to see lots of small planes take off and land
 the food was pretty good too

  then to officially wear them out
we hit the amazing brenham aquatic center.

very safe with lifeguards walking around everywhere by the pools and in the them.
 the kids could almost all touch anywhere they swam. 

 corbin and noah were even tall enough to go down the big water slide
he looks so little walking beside that big slide
i'm glad he was tall enough

 great place for family swimming! 
we will definitely try to go back next summer

 day 1 completely worn out 

 next day we hit the houston children's museum 
neat place with lots to see 

then we took the kids swimming again for a few hours 
had a yummy dinner at chili's
 compliments of auntie fee fee 
complete with a heavenly dessert 
then relaxed watching the olympics in bed 
next day we hung at home all day 
had a big family lunch then a late night DQ treat 
a great little weekend away 
we are blessed by our friends!
thank you long's :)

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