Saturday, September 1, 2012

a visit to mom's

me and the boys went to my mom's for a week early last month

i thought the house looked so pretty.... i couldn't resist taking some photos
{and i had to try out my new camera}

 the windows in the front are my favorite feature
 i love all the natural light it let's inside... you'll see

the new landscape is a nice burst of greenery and color
it's a pretty house

they've done some recent renovations
to make things more accessible for my brother
i especially like the new front door

hello you!
{he enjoyed an early morning bike ride while i took pictures}

windows all across the front
love a lot

smaller lighter door
the red color is classic 

a new additional entrance/exit for safety purposes

a token rooster in the yard 
my mom loves roosters. 
i do too :)
i was so afraid the boy's would mess around, 
and accidently break one of these jugs
 thankfully we left them intact
way to go guys!

eating in the rooster filled breakfast room
the boy's counted like 20 or more :)

living room lounging around
they were so comfy at their grandma's house

hallway to Ronnie's room

so thankful Ronnie can stay with Mom and Ray for now
he is doing so well in his recovery

God is good! 

we miss you already!!

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