Wednesday, September 12, 2012


i talked to my sister in law today
it had been too long
made me miss africa more
we have that bond now
i love love love that

i knew it was a good idea for her to go
with me
who is going next year?
hmmm, i wonder

we already have dates from kelly green global
for 2013
i kid you not
the trip is for one week or two
i wish it was 10 days long, but i could  
handle 14 days

someone has been a really good boy
at school
so he earned a BIG surprise

a new bigger bike
i think he likes it

golly he looks so grown up
he's tall
and a cutie pie

coloring in their room after school
i'm all for anything that isn't video games all afternoon
which is more typical then this
so i had to take a picture

it's been a good day!

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