Thursday, May 31, 2012

and just like that...

they are onto the 1st grade!
today was the last day of kindergarten. hip hip hooray!!
bye miss cappadona! thank you for the memories!!
corbin and his classmates receiving awards this morning.
this little super star got a reading award. he's reading on a level 12... should be a level 4 for his age. :) we are super proud of this boy. he has worked really hard at reading.

our garden is good

this year's garden has been amazing.
mostly we planted seeds into our raised garden beds in the backyard.

everyday we see lots of pretty blooms

pumpkin plant is in bloom

 i love sharing with others from our garden


tomato plants are covered... just waiting for them to turn red

they started out looking like this.
they have grown HUGE. outgrown their cages even.

Okra blooms are so pretty
we sauted these blooms. interesting to eat fried blooms. pretty tasty.
it's been a great gardening season thus far!

lots of OKRA

marigolds help keep the bad plant eating bugs away. 
it always seems to works for us. and they are a pretty addition to the garden greenery.

flowers are pretty.

excited to try some new zucchini recipes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Field Day {kindergarten}

Noah and Corbin

Sack Race
Obstacle Course
Long Jump
Tug O War
Relay Race

A fun, hot and sunny afternoon playing games out in the playground of school. 

They learned about racing in a sack.
And running faster, faster!
And pulling harder, not letting go. hold on!

jumping farther.
waiting their turns

sponge relay race : boys vs girls
first to go in the long jump
Joaquin, Kyle, Julio Santiago
taking a break between events

Cooper : obstacle course
Go Noah
Hi Sawyer

Corbin, Ayeli, Marisol
kinder teachers against 2 kids from each class - kids won!
then back to class for a capri sun, and time to go home!
what a great field day.

Monday, May 28, 2012

hello Monday happy memorial day

memorial day - God bless the USA!
so much on the agenda
cleaning out the garage, sewing, packing, laundry, yard work but  we ....
took coach to the dog park
played matching with the boys
threw the frisbee and nerf football
made french toast for breakfast
picked lots of veggies out of the gardens
planted mini herb gardens  the boys got for their birthday : stir fry, taco, pizza

have to do some laundry, so the boys will stop asking for socks. ha
crap is it pay day yet? need to go to the store.
dish detergent - bread - oj; we're out of bread and OJ already. what's new?
only 3 more days of school... so ready to have a break from the morning rush out the door
charging the camera for water day tomorrow, kinder graduation thursday
after school party x 2
church picnic next sunday; make some desserts, remember to dress casual, bring chairs
grilling out at the long's tonight... making watermelon strawberry dessert, guacamole for Norm
green tomatillo salsa

two weeks until i leave for africa. still so much to do.
lists for ericka. keys. notes. authorizations. packing for the boys.
finalizing swim lessons. spanish camp. playdates. activites for the last week before i return.

so grateful they will be in good hands while we are scattered around the world for a bit. :-)
i can see myself sitting on the plane waiting for take off now. i am blessed to feel at peace now
so ready to go serve some sweet sweet children in africa.

i get to go to Uganda and teach young girls how to sew!!
what a dream.

i want to blog these pictures and stories :
Crawfish Boil, boy's birthday in their classroom, muffins with Mom event,
PTA secretary (ME!), our newest family member, last soccer game and medal,
packing party for africa, our growing garden, cooper's CAT scan
my computer is not performing up to par. can't hardly keep up with me and all my pictures.

adam leaves friday :-( man, i'm going to miss him SO MUCH.
we are going to miss him SO MUCH! we'll manage here just fine without him though. i'm thrilled for him to get to visit another country like Asia... even if it is for work. he's taking his golf clubs. staying at a resort. he will be in good hands.

here we were saturday evening out to dinner. both looking pretty tired after a rough week of adam being home sick. i just got home from packing then shopping for africa all day. on 4 hours of sleep from the night before. Weeee.......
"momma, are we on blue?" trying hard to be good and wow us.
adam made us some FABULOUS ka bobs tonight. so colorful.
enjoyed pigging out with friends and still being home in time for a school night bedtime.

monday's aren't so bad.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 on 10 : May 2012

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
one eyed jack is a great way to start the day!

i made this fun scarf out of an old tshirt. took me about 15 minutes. so fun!
biospy was NO FUN this morning. i survived.
just-to-be-sure procedures are the pits.
but i'm thankful for the gift of preventative wellness.
i helped judge the science fair at school today.
there were some interesting questions asked.

another glorious rainy trash day in texas.
the rain makes us all happy, especially the garden.

i just happened to see the boys class in the computer lab while i was in the library today.
such cuties!

my daily turkey sandwich. i really love these new bagel thins. 
the bread can make or break the sandwich for me.
and i have a hard time skipping on the mayo too.

corbin's soccer team is selling chocolate bars. GOOD chocolate!

love this axe for women spray. smells so fresh and clean.

teacher appreciation week {kindergarten}

we have been so blessed this first year of school to have excellent teachers in our community public school. kindergarten has been great! all of our kids have learned so much, flourished, blossomed and grown. i think they are all ready for the 1st grade.

only 17 days left of this school year :)

miss cappadona is the homeroom teacher and uckert their spanish teacher.  we are going to miss them next year! they've been a big part of our lives for the past 9 months.

to show our appreciation this week a few of us parents chipped in and baked a lot of cookies to share with teachers today. all the kinder teachers, coaches, library, art, computer and even a fruit bag for the principal.
we will miss them, but never forget them! and i'm pretty sure our little guys  left a thumb print or two behind for these sweet ladies.

these little 6 year old boys are super energetic, great readers, love legos, transformers, bey blades, bike riding, scooter riding, coloring, swimming, video games, power rangers. all boy!
we have a great group!!
Alex, Travis, Corbin, Cooper, Tiago, Julio and Noah

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bowling Birthday Party {#6}

happy #6 birthday to our little boys!

cooper and corbin
 had a bowling party for 20 of their closest friends this past Sunday.
i made them each a bowling pin cake. it's tradition, ya know? cakes tasted great!
it was a great miracle they made it intact to the bowling alley.
we had delicious Rosie's pizza and pink lemonade.
bowling alley makes for a fantastic party spot!
we loved celebrating our boys with so many of our friends.

oh that alex. such a great kiddo! nice mustaches. these boys kill me!
halle and addison from church were there.
eli and hadley

michael from down the street.

the long's, deven, sawyer, julio, tiago. lots of great fun with all the boys buddies!
typical boys acting silly for the camera. addison striking her adorable smile.

great party boys.
happy birthday!!

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