Monday, May 28, 2012

hello Monday happy memorial day

memorial day - God bless the USA!
so much on the agenda
cleaning out the garage, sewing, packing, laundry, yard work but  we ....
took coach to the dog park
played matching with the boys
threw the frisbee and nerf football
made french toast for breakfast
picked lots of veggies out of the gardens
planted mini herb gardens  the boys got for their birthday : stir fry, taco, pizza

have to do some laundry, so the boys will stop asking for socks. ha
crap is it pay day yet? need to go to the store.
dish detergent - bread - oj; we're out of bread and OJ already. what's new?
only 3 more days of school... so ready to have a break from the morning rush out the door
charging the camera for water day tomorrow, kinder graduation thursday
after school party x 2
church picnic next sunday; make some desserts, remember to dress casual, bring chairs
grilling out at the long's tonight... making watermelon strawberry dessert, guacamole for Norm
green tomatillo salsa

two weeks until i leave for africa. still so much to do.
lists for ericka. keys. notes. authorizations. packing for the boys.
finalizing swim lessons. spanish camp. playdates. activites for the last week before i return.

so grateful they will be in good hands while we are scattered around the world for a bit. :-)
i can see myself sitting on the plane waiting for take off now. i am blessed to feel at peace now
so ready to go serve some sweet sweet children in africa.

i get to go to Uganda and teach young girls how to sew!!
what a dream.

i want to blog these pictures and stories :
Crawfish Boil, boy's birthday in their classroom, muffins with Mom event,
PTA secretary (ME!), our newest family member, last soccer game and medal,
packing party for africa, our growing garden, cooper's CAT scan
my computer is not performing up to par. can't hardly keep up with me and all my pictures.

adam leaves friday :-( man, i'm going to miss him SO MUCH.
we are going to miss him SO MUCH! we'll manage here just fine without him though. i'm thrilled for him to get to visit another country like Asia... even if it is for work. he's taking his golf clubs. staying at a resort. he will be in good hands.

here we were saturday evening out to dinner. both looking pretty tired after a rough week of adam being home sick. i just got home from packing then shopping for africa all day. on 4 hours of sleep from the night before. Weeee.......
"momma, are we on blue?" trying hard to be good and wow us.
adam made us some FABULOUS ka bobs tonight. so colorful.
enjoyed pigging out with friends and still being home in time for a school night bedtime.

monday's aren't so bad.

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