Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Field Day {kindergarten}

Noah and Corbin

Sack Race
Obstacle Course
Long Jump
Tug O War
Relay Race

A fun, hot and sunny afternoon playing games out in the playground of school. 

They learned about racing in a sack.
And running faster, faster!
And pulling harder, not letting go. hold on!

jumping farther.
waiting their turns

sponge relay race : boys vs girls
first to go in the long jump
Joaquin, Kyle, Julio Santiago
taking a break between events

Cooper : obstacle course
Go Noah
Hi Sawyer

Corbin, Ayeli, Marisol
kinder teachers against 2 kids from each class - kids won!
then back to class for a capri sun, and time to go home!
what a great field day.

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