Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Well, Hello May!

May is going to be crazy around here! the boy's have a birthday a week from today.
their party is this Sunday :-)

three more weeks of soccer practice and games.
i love watching kindergartners play soccer. i wish corbin liked it more :( maybe he will pick it back up when he gets a little older.
family night at school for their dual language program.
muffins with mom one morning before class.
abstinence and AIDS awareness training for Africa.
i'm helping judge the 5th grade science fair.
having a biopsy procedure i'm most non-chalant about... at the moment.
PTA elections; i'm running for secretary.
teacher appreciation week. i hope to bake lots of goodies for all the boy's special teachers.
mother's day.
a few other birthday parties to attend.
memorial day weekend crawfish boil with our neighbors.
and then finally the last day of school.

silly coach doggie says hi.

so happy with the boy's latest photos! more to come soon... and our garden is exploding with yummy fruit and vegetable goodness! thank you lord for such a bounty!!
okra, green beans, tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, squash, peppers!

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