Monday, April 23, 2012

InstaFriday .... on Monday

standing in line at the grocery store on a sunday afternoon... the scenery was nice :)
have you ever seen blue orchid's? i haven't. these were beautiful.
we have a very full butterfly house now. 12 painted ladies, and one HUGE monarch.
daddy helping corb get suited up for saturday's soccer game.
adam made this delicious dinner friday night. chili rellenos, homemade refried beans, spanish rice and guacamole. it was so so good!
especially yummy since this has been what most our dinners have looked like all week.
practice packing for Africa is NOT going very well. i don't pack light at all.
i think BLT's are one of my favorite meals ever. can't wait for those garden fresh maters.
carried our own seat to church today.
founder's day in dripping was lots of fun. celebrating God with other churches in the community.
and the hot dog afterwards was pretty darn good too!

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