Friday, April 6, 2012

good bye march

i love taking pictures. capturing the moment. freezing time.
here are some shots i got with my phone camera.

photo albums my parents kept while we were growing up were inspiring. and at times such a source of comfort. when things were crazy and out of sorts in life, I could pick one off the built in shelf in the den and thumb through shots of happier times. those great family vacations and holidays. visits with the grandparents.

i have taken thousands of pictures already this year between my phone and DSLR and point and shoot. BUT none have i put into a photo album... yet.
gotta print more often, put them in the albums for us to enjoy now, and scrapbook them as i can.
sign of new life on the blackberry bush

thankfully he is not in malaysia right now. but he's definitely not sitting around the house. working LONG hours and playing referee more than twice a week. taking his dinner to go.

the boys fell asleep on the way to dance class yesterday. after a long day at school they could still use a nap.

hard at playthere is that sweet milk dud baby again.
i wish i'd had this book to read 25 years ago. really insightful.
i pray my heart, my actions, my words, my manners be serving to His purpose.
green beans!grean beans! so excited for our gardens this year. looking really good so far.

moving more. at the YMCA.
palm sunday

big boy

happy good friday! it's a joyful day to celebrate our gift from God!
be blessed!!

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