Wednesday, May 15, 2013

i want to remember

whew... it's been awhile since i've given the blog much love
for the few of you that hung around to still read
here's an update
of sorts

the days just whirl together so fast and busy
the hours we are away from home during the week is SAD
i miss being at home 95% of the day

i want to remember
two days after turning just 7 Corbin went in the kitchen on Saturday while we were outside doing the garage sale and made his own sandwich with no guidance or supervision
his sandwich = hamburger bun, fresh spinach, turkey, sliced roma tomato and sliced cucumber. (he also did the slicing. i'm sure no washing, or peeling was involved)
he ate the whole thing

i want to remember
having a garage sale; our first in about 3 years
selling a recliner for $25, sofa sleeper for $55, queen size bed with new frame for $60.
we GAVE lots away
it felt good

i want ro remember
this cake we made the boys (adam's idea)
the night after their birthday
adam got creative with the candles we had on hand
4+3 = 7 :-)

i want to remember
watching 4 episodes of little couple with cooper saturday night
and corbin going to bed at 6:30

i want to remember
waking up to momma's day cards
with my kids handwriting on them
starbuck's gift cards
pampering by adam
love all my boys so much

i want to remember
all the cards and birthday love our kids received from our family
they are blessed with lots of great uncles, aunts and grandparents

i want to remember
all the precious homemade mother's day gifts

i want to remember
all the rain we've had this spring
our garden is amazing
blackberries are finally turning red

i taste some homemade blackberry ice cream in the near future

we harvested our first potato plant
guess it's not quite time

i want to remember
sunday school on mother's day
how my husband lead us down a cool path of sharing about our moms
so many touching memories shared, swollen hearts for how much we love our moms
and our children
and how much more grace we can give now that we are mothers
the laughs, the tears
so blessed to know and bond with some great great peeps
even if most of them we only get to see on Sundays

i want to remember
adam taking pics of me and my boyz
on mother's day
outside at salt lick while we waited for our to go BBQ lunch

I want to ALWAYS remember
how very blessed i am
we are

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  1. It's looks like a lot of fun and celebrations going on at the Curtis household. Hard to believe the boys are 7! My how they've grown since the days when you could tuck one in each arm like little swaddled footballs.


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