Monday, May 27, 2013

Backyard Garden update

watching the garden grow is really fun
we have three raised beds in our backyard
and lots of container plants as well

the best part of gardening is finally getting to harvest your plants!
the boys and dogs don't want to miss out on any of that!

this week we've harvested a lot of potatoes 

each plant has produced about 10 potatoes

 blackberry bush

and our blackberry bush is covered in berries
we've started picking about 5-10 a day

i have to hide them from the boys so i can get enough to make something

the basil is growing nice
it's time to make some pesto

the strawberry plants are getting nice and big with lots of berries
we just have to keep the birds out of them now

squash plants are so HUGE
we've harvested two so far

and yellow squash


tomatoes are slowly showing up


there's one pickle size cucumber so far

they still have awhile yet 

we've had some great rain events this spring
thank goodness
it's really helped our garden grow

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