Friday, June 7, 2013

last day of school {1st grade}

my babies are finished with the 1st grade
sniff, sniff
I remembered to have them wear the same outfit the last day of school
that they wore the first day so I could do a comparison photo

i'd say they've done LOTS of growing this year
and their outfits have done a lot of fading

 they rode their bikes to school
one last time
this year
I drove near by holding their yearbooks
last day of school was a signing party
and lots of movie watching
oh and a dance party during lunch

here's their entire class
kylie, kyle, jacob, zeriah, corbin, cooper, Marisol
sawyer, jonathan, alex, Santiago, emiliano, julissa, Emily, Joshua, travis

all the kiddos got an award
corbin got one for excellence in reading
and cooper got TWO awards
one for most improved reader and
perfect attendance :-)
so proud of our boys
they have really grown up a lot this year
and worked hard to perfect their reading skills
way to go kiddos!

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