Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the Teacher {Kindergarten}

Corbin's face says it all... HAPPY & EXCITED! we were all ready for back to school night. meeting their teachers. seeing their classrooms.
we showed up a few minutes early to a LONG line outside the school of other anxious families ready to meet their teachers, and take those bags of school supplies to their classroom.
the boys tested to qualify for the dual-language program back in early May.
they each have a different homeroom teacher, and a Spanish teacher.
we love their teachers!!! huge warm smiles, welcoming, sweet, interested, organized. it's gonna be a great year. so excited for this milestone in my boy's lives.
the boys were pretty smitten right away.
the classrooms are so bright and colorful. exactly what I pictured in my head.
cooper's teacher is mrs. grimm, and mrs. chitta for spanish. corbin's is miss cappadona, and mrs. ueckert for spanish.
neither boy was ready to leave after spending 45 minutes exploring all 4 classrooms, and chatting with their teachers.
i'm as excited as they are for Monday to get here! weeeeee!
cooper keeps asking me if it's time to leave for school.

it's gonna be a great year! (oops, did i already say that) i can just feel it.


  1. Wow! The boys are so big and ready for school! They are going to have fun making new friends and learning new things.

  2. I'm SOOO excited for them! Love those boys. :)


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