Tuesday, October 23, 2012

photo book {blurb}

i made this little picture book for the boy's
at BLURB.com

i picked some of my favorite phone pictures
made sure they were filtered with instagram 
i think instagram makes all pictures great

it's a small  book - just their size
21 color pages
7"x 7" paperback heavy cardstock glossy cover
 i think i'll wrap a bow around it and put it in their stocking

cute, eh? 

and i got it for FREE.
 thank you to Blurb for the promotional code.

check them out here.
great quality! 
Easy to use.

poor little guys were under the weather all weekend
yucky virus
corbin came home from school after just 2 hours on Friday
and cooper came home 1 hour before dismissal time

both of them down for the count
lots of sleeping
little to no eating
and finally a trip to the doctor just to have a look see
 she confirmed it's just a virus
complaints of tummy aches
i do not like to watch my kiddies be sickly
boo hoo

but there is also the quietness it brings
everyone is sleepy, calm, mellow
that part is pretty nice

thankfully now they are on the mend.

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